PCB Fabrication & Assembly for Unmanned Vehicles

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Flex & Rigid Flex PCBs

San Francisco Circuits is an industry leader in all aspects of printed circuit boards, including design/layout, fabrication and assembly.

They work with a strong network of PCB manufacturers and PCB assembly houses, both domestic and off shore to provide a one-stop solution and the best value possible for all circuit board needs.

Their team of experienced technical experts strive to provide a quick turnaround, not just on boards but also customer service. San Francisco Circuits provides both prototype and large production volumes for every application of unmanned systems and beyond.

PCB School

SFC has developed a unique offering for engineers and PCB buyers. The PCB School is a free online resource created to help educate users on various technologies, equipment, and buying resources relating to printed circuit boards.

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PCB Manufacturing Capabilities

PCB for UAVs, UGVs and Robotics

SpecificationsStandard TechnologyAdvanced Technology
Number of Layers1 – 1214 – 40
Board MaterialFR4
Shin-Etsu – Epoxy
Adhesive System
Rogers – Epoxy
Adhesive System
Dupont FR – FR Acrylic
Adhesive System
Dupont LF – LF Acrylic
Adhesive System
Adhesiveless Base Materials
Aluminum Core
Copper Core
Nelco 4000
Rogers 3000
Rogers 4000
Rogers 5000
Taconic TLY
Min. Circuit Board Thickness2 layer – 0.010″
4 layer – 0.020″
6 layer – 0.020″
8 layer – 0.062″
10 layer – 0.062″
12 layer – 0.062″
2 layer – 0.005″
4 layer – 0.010″
6 layer – 0.031″
8 layer – 0.040″
Max. Circuit Board Thickness2 layer – 0.125″
3-12 layer – 0.200″
0.250″ – 0.500″
Max. Circuit Board Size16″ x 22″
12″ x 21″
22″ x 28″
10″ x 16″
16″ x 22″
12″ x 21″
22″ x 28″
Copper Thickness0.5 oz – 3 oz4 oz – 6 oz
Hole Aspect Ratio7 : 115 : 1
Min. Hole Size0.008″0.006″
Min. Trace/Space0.006″/0.006″0.003″/0.003″
Min. Drill-to-Copper0.010″0.003″
Min. Pitch1 mm0.3 mm
Board FinishHASL (Solder)
Lead Free Solder
Gold Fingers
White Tin
Gold (ENIG/Hard/Soft)
Selective Gold
Immersion Silver
White Tin

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PCB Board Technologies

Military (MilSpec) PCBs

Military-grade certified PCBs are one of SFC’s specialties. With PCB manufacturing capabilities in the United States, they can provide high-quality reliable MilSpec certified flexible or rigid circuits. SFC manufacturers work to certification standards such as MIL-PRF-55110, MIL-PRF-50884 and MIL-PRF-31032 with a range of finishes, solder masks, silk screens and fabrication methods.

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Flex PCBsFlex PCBs use the same components as rigid PCBs but are fabricated on a flexible base material, allowing the board to conform to a wider range of desired shapes. The size and weight reduction and increased resistance to noise and vibration make flex circuits highly useful in a wide variety of applications, including Transport, Communications, Aerospace and Unmanned Vehicle Systems.

We can provide heavy copper Flex PCBs and double-sided multilayer Flex PCBs. Turnaround for your design can be as fast as 24 hours.

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Heavy Copper Core PCBMETAL CORE PCBs

Metal core PCBs use a base metal such as aluminum, copper or a special alloy to dissipate heat away from sensitive components and other critical parts of the design. This allows heat transfer that is 8 or 9 times faster than in traditional FR4 boards. Metal core PCBs are ideal for applications such as LED lighting, power converters and motor control. We can provide aluminum or heavy copper core PCBs for prototypes or production quantities.

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HDI PCB technology is one of the fastest growing areas of the PCB market. HDI circuits provide much higher wiring densities than standard PCBs, and incorporate features such as blind/buried vias, vias-in-pad and micrometre-level circuit geometries. HDI technology can reduce the size and weight of your boards while enhancing signal transmission and reducing signal loss. We can provide a variety of board construction methods and materials, including flexible HDI PCBs.

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PCB AssemblyWe offer a one-stop service for all your circuit board assembly needs, taking care of the hard work of component procurement and liaising with vendors. Assembly services offered include quick-turn prototype, turnkey, partial turnkey, consignment and lead-free assembly. We can also take care of final packaging for you. Our average lead times are 1 to 5 days for just PCB assembly and 10 to 16 days for turnkey PCB assembly.

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RF PCB Manufacturing

Radio Frequency printed circuit boards (RF PCBs)Radio Frequency printed circuit boards (RF PCBs) are high frequency PCBs that operate above 100MHz; anything above 2GHz is classed as a Microwave PCB. Our designers can assist with everything from saving costs on simple radio frequency circuit boards, to manufacturing advice for demanding fifty-layer layouts and concepts. Our RF PCB capabilities include manufacturing and assembly for both prototypes and production quantities.

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PCB Fabrication & Assembly for Unmanned Vehicles
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