Precision Inertial Sensors and Systems: IMU, GPS-INS, AHRS, MRU

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Inertial Labs is a leading designer and manufacturer of position and orientation tracking systems for unmanned vehicles, based on the fusion of inertial sensors with a range of other cutting-edge sensing technologies. With our engineering expertise, we create high-performance inertial sensor systems with small size and low power requirements.

Our products are ideal for a variety of unmanned systems applications, including motion tracking, weapon orientation tracking, payload stabilization, and inertial position tracking for GPS-denied environments.

IMU-P Inertial Measurement Units (IMU)

High Performance Industrial & Tactical Grade IMUs

The IMU-P is a light-weight and compact high performance Inertial Measurement Unit (IMU), designed for a number of applications including UAV and AUV/ROV navigation and control.

The unit contains three highly accurate Advanced MEMS gyroscopes and three ultra high performance accelerometers for precise linear acceleration and angular rate measurements.

The IMU-P is an ITAR free inertial solution, that is fully calibrated and compensated over its operating temperature range. Both Industrial and Tactical grade units are available.

Compact size (39 x 45 x 22 mm) and low weight (70 gram) – ideal for integrated system applications.

IMU-P Inertial Measurement Unit for UAVs

IMU-P Industrial and Tactical Grade IMUs

IMU-P Applications:

  • Antenna and Line of Sight Stabilization Systems
  • Motion Reference Units (MRU)
  • Motion Control Sensors (MCS)
  • Gimbals, EOC/IR, platforms orientation and stabilization
  • UAV & AUV/ROV navigation and control


“Industrial” IMU-P“Tactical” IMU-P
Gyroscope Bias in-run Stability3 deg/hr1 deg/hr
Gyroscopes noise density0.006 deg/sec√Hz0.004 deg/sec√Hz
Accelerometer Bias in-run Stability0.015 mg0.005 mg
Accelerometers noise density0.03 mg√Hz0.025 mg√Hz
Pitch & Roll static accuracy0.05 deg0.05 deg
Power Consumption0.8 @ 5V0.8 @ 5V
Operating temperature -40 to +85 deg C-40 to +85 deg C

OS3D-FG Orientation Sensor

Miniature AHRS for Unmanned Vehicles

The OS3D-FG is a miniature Attitude and Heading Reference System (AHRS) designed for real-time orientation tracking applications. It fuses data from tri-axial MEMS gyroscopes, tri-axial MEMS accelerometers and tri-axial fluxgate magnetometers using an onboard Digital Signal Processor and state-of-the-art algorithms.

The OS3D-FG is ideal for a wide range of small unmanned vehicles, including UAVs, ROVs and ground robotics.

OS3D-FG UAV Orientation Sensor

AHRS Orientation Sensor Applications:

  • Robotics
  • Small gimbals and EOS stabilization
  • Marine antenna stabilization systems
  • Small Unmanned Underwater Vehicles, ROV
  • Quadrotor Helicopters and micro UAV


Weight12 grams
Power Consumption0.15W
Output Data Rateup to 2000 Hz
Heading Accuracy 0.5 deg static, 1.5 deg dynamic
Attitude Accuracy 0.2 deg static, 0.7 deg dynamic
Gyroscope Bias in-run Stability10 deg/hr
Accelerometer Bias in-run Stability 0.15 mg

More Information: OS3D-FG Orientation Sensor

OS3D-DTS Digital Tilt Sensor

High Accuracy, Miniature MEMS Digital Tilt Sensor

The OS3D-DTS is an ultra-high accuracy, miniature dual axis MEMS Digital Tilt Sensor, designed for precision tilt measuring. It includes tri-axial MEMS Gyroscopes and tri-axial high precision MEMS Accelerometers; and is equipped with an onboard processor and embedded inclination and tilt algorithms allowing for direct integration into systems without interfacing a PC.

OS3D-DTS MEMS Digital Tilt Sensor

The low-SWaP, ITAR-free OS3D-FG is environmentally sealed (IP67) in a rugged enclosure, making it ideal for a wide range of unmanned applications, including UAVs, Robotics and Electro Optical Systems.

Digital Tilt Sensor Applications:

  • Robotics
  • Remote Weapons Stations (RWS) stabilization and pointing
  • Electro-Optical Systems (EOS) stabilization


Weight9 grams
Power Consumption125 mW (typical)
Pitch & Roll Resolution0.01 deg
Pitch & Roll Accuracy0.05 deg
Bandwidthup to 200 Hz
Operational Temperature Range-40 to +85 deg C

Attitude and Heading Reference Systems (AHRS)

AHRS-10 – High Accuracy AHRS

The AHRS-10 is a high-accuracy AHRS that outputs absolute orientation (heading, pitch and roll) for both motionless and dynamic applications. It integrates precision 3-axis accelerometers, magnetometers and gyroscopes to provide absolute pitch and roll data, real time device rotation data and ongoing gyroscope corrections.

The AHRS-10 utilizes our high-performance Fluxgate Magnetometer technology for superior stability and repeatability, making it an ideal solution for unmanned systems applications where superior accuracy is required.

AHRS-10 – High Accuracy AHRS

AHRS-10 Applications:

  • Point-to-point antenna stabilization and motion control
  • Antenna Reference Units (ARU)
  • Radar Reference Units (RRU)


Weight77 grams843 grams
Heading Accuracy 0.8 deg static, 1.0 deg dynamic0.3 deg static, 0.6 deg dynamic