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New Inertial Labs INS Integration with Meridian by Mosaic

Mosaic's Meridian mobile mapping system pairs the MosaicX camera with a precision INS/LiDAR device from Inertial Labs, making high-accuracy mapping more accessible than ever By Joe Macey / 07 Jun 2024
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Mosaic has introduced the Meridian Mobile Mapping System with Inertial Labs’ RESEPI INS/LiDAR device at Geo Business 2024 in London.

With Meridian, users get a high-accuracy mobile mapping system that pairs the pioneering Mosaic X camera with a precision INS/LiDAR device from Inertial Labs, producers of high-performance orientation and navigation solutions. This blend promises to democratize the market, break new ground, and make top-tier mapping accessible.

Users will experience 74MP native resolution or 13.5k resolution panoramas from precisely synchronized camera modules. The camera system’s unique design maximizes the pixels more efficiently than other cameras with more minor image overlaps, producing more transparent and more consistent panoramas. The integrated INS system boasts system vertical accuracy of 2–3 cm and precision of 2-4 cm.

Meridian spearheads the trifecta of industry challenges head-on:

  • Integration: Meridian’s seamless out-of-the-box operations with fully integrated and calibrated systems are unlike fragmented third-party systems.
  • Usability: Designed for ease, Meridian requires mere minutes of training and removes the need for highly specialized technicians. Its rugged design guarantees performance in the harshest conditions.
  • Cost: Meridian’s comprehensive solution is offered at a fraction of the price of competing systems, sans hidden fees for software subscriptions or data hosting.

“Since the day we announced the Mosaic X camera to the market in 2020, the response from the geospatial community for a comprehensive mobile mapping solution has been incredible, with many eagerly anticipating our expansion into this market sector,” said Founder and CEO of Mosaic, Jeffrey Martin. “We’re thrilled to finally unveil Meridian and deliver on our goal of bringing advanced mapping technology to more professionals and redefining what they can expect from their mapping systems.”

“I am genuinely excited about our new partnership with Mosaic51. This collaboration means a lot to us at Inertial Labs because it combines our cutting-edge navigation technology with Mosaic51’s creative solutions, especially in the mapping field. Working closely with their team, I already see the incredible potential we have to transform how mapping and navigation are integrated and utilized in our industry. I can’t wait to see what we achieve together,” said Jamie Marraccini, CEO of Inertial Labs.

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