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SWIR Cameras & Sensors for Infrared Imaging Applications With Drones & Unmanned Systems

New Imaging Technologies
SWIR Cameras & Sensors for Infrared Imaging Applications With Drones & Unmanned Systems
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New Imaging Technologies (NIT) is a world leader in the design and manufacture of SWIR sensors and cameras. We have developed leading-edge expertise in all aspects of SWIR technology, including electronic circuit design, hybridization technology, photodiode arrays, camera electronics, and software.

Proudly made in France, our products are trusted by a wide-ranging network of international clients, with 80% of our sales going to export. We invest significantly in R&D to further our capabilities and better serve our customers, and have recently enhanced our in-house capabilities with new cutting-edge manufacturing facilities including a state-of-the-art clean room.

Our imaging solutions feature a unique native logarithmic mode that boasts a 120dB high dynamic range with no saturation, resulting in the highest performance on the market. The low-SwaP sensors are ideal for a variety of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and unmanned systems infrared imaging applications, including security, surveillance and monitoring, and firefighting.

SenS 1280

High-sensitivity SXGA format SWIR camera for drones & robotics

The SenS 1280 is a high-performance SXGA format SWIR camera, based around a 1280×1024 InGaAs imaging sensor with 10µm pixel pitch that ensures superior detail and sharpness. With a compact footprint and weighing less than 400 grams, it can be easily integrated into a variety of drone and robotic vehicle designs.

The versatile camera features a linear response mode that enables maximum sensitivity even under challenging low-light conditions. It provides a number of I/O interfaces including USB 3.0, CameraLink, HD-SDI, and CoaXPress, ensuring compatibility with a wide range of systems.

The SenS 1280 is available as a standard version as well as a Smart variant that provides advanced image processing capabilities such as automatic gain control (AGC) and automatic integration time (AIT), eliminating the need for manual adjustments.

WiDy SenS

Low-SWaP qVGA & VGA format SWIR camera cores

The WiDy SenS is a compact SWIR camera core based around a 15μm pixel pitch InGaAs sensor and available in qVGA (320×256) and VGA (640×512) versions. The versatile camera features a unique dual-response capability that enables switching between a linear mode for maximum sensitivity in low-light conditions, and a logarithmic mode for maximum dynamic range under changing imaging conditions.

Weighing less than 215 grams, the compact camera core is ideal for SWaP-restricted drones and unmanned systems. A variety of I/O options are provided including USB3.0, CamLink, GigE, analog and SDI, and the WiDy SenS 640 is also available in an embedded form factor.


Security & Surveillance

Our cameras employ unique gated imaging technology that enables enhanced detection and tracking of objects under highly challenging conditions. By synchronising a pulsed illumination source with sensor exposure times, the system can image at a specific depth into the scene. This allows it to focus on the location of the target and eliminate backscattering caused by obscurants such as fog, rain, snow and smoke that are closer to the camera.

Gated imaging for surveillance

This powerful capability makes our SWIR imaging cameras ideal for providing highly effective detection and identification of targets for applications such as security, surveillance and counter-UAS.


Our sophisticated SWIR imaging technology allows UAVS deployed for firefighting and first responder applications to see through smoke and quickly locate the source of a fire with sharp image detail. SWIR wavelengths also enable the detection of radiated heat at much lower temperatures than visible camera solutions.

SWIR imaging technology for firefighting

infrared cameras for firefighting

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