Commercial Heavy-Payload Drones for Heavy-Lift Cargo Transportation & Logistics

Commercial Heavy-Payload Drones for Heavy-Lift Cargo Transportation & Logistics
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FlyingBasket is a leading developer of heavy-lift cargo drones for commercial and civil applications. We are passionate about revolutionizing the logistics industry and creating novel solutions that push the boundaries of unmanned aviation while prioritizing safety, efficiency and sustainability.
heavy lift drone logistics
In addition to our manufacturing capabilities, we also offer Drones as a Service (DaaS), and are the most experienced cargo drone operator in Europe, specializing in goods transportation and heavy lifting for a wide range of industries.


FB3 Heavy-lift Drone

Heavy-lift commercial cargo drone with 100kg carrying capacity

The FB3 is a heavy-payload cargo drone that provides an unparalleled combination of carrying capacity and compact size. The all-electric platform requires no disassembly and can be easily transported inside a van or trailer, ready to deploy at a moment’s notice.Heavy-Lift Multirotor DroneThe FB3 has been designed to be BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight)-ready, with a robust data link that transmits critical flight control data and telemetry at ranges of up to 10 km. All frequency bands have been specifically configured to minimize interference, and are ECO (European Communications Office)-approved.

Versatile payload options

The highly adaptable heavy-lift drone delivers exceptional strength, with the ability to lift 100 kg of payload while weighing only 70 kg. It can be provided in one of two configurations, allowing you to carry and transport payloads of all shapes and sizes:

heavy-lift cargo drone

Sling Configuration
Use our proprietary remote-controlled load hook to lift and detach heavy cargo

Heavy Payload Drones

Cargo Compartment
A rugged transportation box measuring 81 x 35 x 30 cm, designed to suit a wide range of payloads and operational requirements

All-electric propulsion

The FB3 features eight brushless motors configured in a coaxial quadcopter setup. This innovative design divides propulsion into top and bottom subsystems, providing critical redundancy for the utmost in safety while ensuring superior heavy-lift performance.

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Thanks to our custom-made smart batteries, the FB3 is an eco-friendly and sustainable alternative to helicopters and combustion engine-powered aircraft for mission-critical cargo deployment, providing a minimal environmental footprint.

Robust safety features

We have designed the FB3 from the ground up with safety foremost in mind. The aircraft includes a comprehensive suite of cutting-edge features to ensure peace of mind and mission confidence even in the most challenging of environments.

Heavy-lift commercial cargo drone

  • Flight Termination System (FTS): ensures precise control over the aircraft, allowing users to easily keep within the Ground Risk Buffer
  • ADS-B Receiver (optional): provides real-time information on nearby aircraft for enhanced situational awareness and collision avoidance
  • Propulsion System Redundancy: in the event of motor controller, motor, battery, or short circuit failures, the drone can still continue to operate safely
  • Radar AGL Sensor: accurate measurement of altitude above ground level for terrain-following, obstacle avoidance, and overall safety

Comprehensive training programs

We also offer a range of comprehensive professional training programs for drone pilots and team members. Our programs include:

drone transportationAirspace Observer – make a difference to your drone operations team by learning critical observation skills

  • Observe and monitor air traffic within designated airspace
  • Survey both aerial and ground environments for potential threats and hazards
  • Master ConOps (Concept of Operations) and essential operational procedures
  • Alert drone pilots to airspace conflicts and ground-based intrusions

heavy lift drone servicesPilot Assistant & Payload Technician – further your career in UAV operations

  • Language proficiency for crew communication
  • Thorough knowledge of ConOps (Concept of Operations) and essential operational procedures
  • Mission preparation, logistics and inspections
  • Battery handling and charging, and ground-based aircraft handling

Drone as a Service (DaaS)Remote Pilot – complete safe and effective UAS operation

  • In-depth familiarity with all aspects of the FB3
  • Advanced flight planning & BVLOS-specific operations
  • Effective responses to emergencies and challenging conditions
  • Expertise in conducting transportation missions with cargo compartments and load slings


logistics drone

With a maximum capacity of 100 kg, the FB3 drone is ideal for efficient transportation of critical goods, beating the traffic and delivering in a timely manner.

Heavy lift drone transportation

The FB3 is ideal for the transportation and lifting of antennas and other equipment for installation on telecoms infrastructure, providing a cost-effective alternative to cranes and helicopters. 

heavy cargo drones for offshore

Offshore & Energy
Our heavy-lift drones are ideal for making deliveries to oil rigs and offshore platforms, as well as lifting generators and other components and equipment on wind turbines.

Heavy lift cargo drones for construction

FB3 cargo drones make excellent workhorses for the construction industry, providing heavy lifting capabilities for on-site crews. Construction materials and equipment can be moved in a fast and versatile manner while saving on the cost of cranes.

heavy lift drones

The FB3 is an environmentally-friendly and safe heavy-lift platform that can easily access remote and challenging locations with minimal noise pollution and energy consumption, and is ideal for forest preservation and restoration as well as firefighting.

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