Commercial Drone Insurance & Drone Operator Insurance

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Flock Insurance is a global provider of commercial drone insurance and drone liability insurance for small businesses and larger fleet operators.

Worldwide Commercial Drone Insurance

Specialising in enterprise drone insurance and drone operator insurance, we offer fully-flexible annual, monthly and pay-as-you-fly premiums, intelligently tailored to flight risk and usage.

Risk-Intelligent Drone Insurance

Insurance for Large Fleets and Commercial Drone Operators

Commercial UAV Insurance
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At Flock Insurance our drone cover policies are informed by real-time data, providing fully digital, data-driven insurance products designed to support safer, smarter unmanned flight worldwide. Our data driven approach enables us to calculate specific risk metrics, based on fight times, flight zones, the flow of aerial traffic, the weather and even the time of day of flight.

Drone Insurance Risk Intelligence Engine

Able to generate an accurate score based on exposure to risk, Flock Insurance’s risk intelligence engine and digital underwriting platform, form the basis of our smart drone insurance policies. This data-driven digital advantage is behind our risk management products, on-demand insurance app for micro-SMEs, and drone fleet insurance products designed for the world’s largest drone fleets.