Precision Bearings for Aerospace & Defense

RBC Bearings
RBC Bearings

RBC Bearings provides precision bearings for industrial, aerospace and defense applications, with an unparalleled level of service, quality, and support.

RBC Bearings is a globally-recognised supplier of bearings into aerospace and defense sectors, with products utilised across a wide range of applications including commercial and private aircraft, military airplanes, helicopters, gas turbine engines, armored vehicles, guided weaponry and satellites.

Thin Section Ball Bearings

Typical aerospace applications include:

Fixed Wing Aircraft Applications:

Horizontal & Vertical Stabilizers
Actuators; Hinge/Pivots; Trim Tabs; Dampers; Links; Control Rods

Spoilers/Flaps/ Ailerons/Slats
Actuators; Hinge/Pivots; Links; Control Rods; Landing Gear Systems; Engine Systems

Actuators; Links; Hinges; Turnbuckles

APU System
Controls; Levers/Links; Mounts

Other Applications
Manual Control Systems; Static Joints; Speed Brakes; Environmental Systems; Actuators/Servos; Feedback Systems; Military Wing Pivots; Radar

Rotorcraft Applications:

Tail Rotor System; Main Rotor System; Actuators; Engine Systems; Gear Boxes; Landing Gear Systems

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