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Underwater Sonar: Side-Scan Imaging Sonar & Forward Looking Sonar for Obstacle Avoidance & Navigation

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Underwater Sonar: Side-Scan Imaging Sonar & Forward Looking Sonar for Obstacle Avoidance & Navigation
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Wavefront is a leading developer of state-of-the-art underwater imaging and navigation sonar systems for AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles), ROVs (remotely operated vehicles), USVs (uncrewed surface vessels) and towed platforms.

Our proven side-scan and forward looking sonar solutions are used globally in both civilian and military applications and are ideal for a wide variety of missions requiring the latest in underwater vision capabilities.

Side-scan sonar

Solstice – Side-scan Imaging Sonar

Multi-aperture underwater side-scan sonar

Side imaging sonarSolstice is an ultra-high resolution multi-aperture side-scan sonar delivering class-leading imagery over wide scan areas. With 100m of swath coverage on either side, the interferometric sonar system features co-located side-scan imagery and bathymetry, providing enhanced situational awareness with unprecedented detail.

Each of Solstice’s 300 metre-rated arrays utilises 32 receiver elements, enabling superior data gathering, improved signal-to-noise ratio and excellent image fidelity. All imagery produced is suitable for simultaneous search and classification, and Computer Aided Detection and Classification (CAD/CAC).

Underwater sonarAUV, ROV & Towfish Sonar
Optimized for low-logistics AUVs, the versatile platform is also easy to install on ROVs and towfish systems. The compact system draws just 18W of power, making it ideal for integration into SWaP (size, weight and power)-limited systems with minimal impact on endurance.

Solstice provides excellent results even in very shallow littoral environments, eliminating noise from multi-path reverberation and enhancing contrast to provide maximum object detection with minimal false alarms.

solstice Interferometric sonar system

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Vigilant – Forward Looking Sonar

FLS for USV & UUV navigation and collision avoidance

obstacle avoidance sonar

Vigilant is a Forward Looking Sonar (FLS) designed to enhance situational awareness and obstacle avoidance for USVs and UUVs operating in uncharted and hazard-prone waters. The underwater sonar sensor provides timely alerts for threats below the surface, allowing vessels to take clear evasive action.

Navigation sonar
V1500 FLS underwater sonar sensor
Vigilant 1500
V1000 FLS imaging sonar
Vigilant 1000

Delivering unrivalled resolution and detail, Vigilant can be retrofitted to almost any existing vessel, significantly reducing the risk of groundings and underwater collisions with debris, ice, marine mammals and other hazards.

Vigilant has 2 principle modes of operation – 3D and sonar mode:

  • 3D mode uses bathymetry and colour-coded depth imagery to create a 3D terrain map of the seabed and water column ahead out to 600 m and down to 100 m.
  • Sonar mode extracts long-range positional data, providing customizable automated alarms to warn of objects up to 1.5 km ahead with a 120-degree field of view.

Vigilant forward looking sonar


rov sonar for 3D Mapping & SurveyingMapping & Surveying 
Solstice is ideal for creating high-resolution, ultra-detailed maps of the seabed that can be used for environmental monitoring, nautical charts, oil and gas surveying, and more.

Underwater sonar for Mine Counter MeasuresMine Counter-Measures & Port Security
With excellent probability of detection and a low rate of false alarms, Solstice can provide crucial threat detection that keeps ports, maritime facilities and busy waterways safe from explosive devices.

Multibeam sonar for hydrographyHydrography
Solstice can be used to gather high-accuracy hydrographical data even in murky waters, characterising underwater features such as rock formations and obstructions.

UUV Sonar for Site Survey and ArchaeologyArchaeology & Salvage
UUV and AUV side-scan sonar surveys are ideal for surveying cultural heritage sites, shipwrecks, and other objects on the sea floor.

navigation sonarNavigation and Obstacle Avoidance
Our forward looking sonar systems provide USVs, UUVs and AUVs with critical early warning of hazards below the surface, allowing them to navigate with confidence in even the most challenging of waters.

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