High Accuracy AHRS Modules, Motion Tracking and Orientation Sensors for UAVs and Robotics

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PNI Sensor is a sensor technology company that specializes in the design and production of sensor modules and sensing IP. Our sensor modules and sophisticated software algorithms provide superior accuracy, reliability and value for mission-critical systems and applications. Unlike other sensor companies that only focus on the performance of their sensors, PNI’s highly experienced engineers take a holistic design approach to address customers’ system accuracy and long-term reliability requirements by taking advantage of its field-proven sensor hardware and software platforms.

Our high-performance sensors are ideal for unmanned systems in all domains, including UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles), USVs (unmanned surface vessels) and UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles). Our products provide unparalleled accuracy and reliability and are proven across a wide range of demanding conditions and environments.

TRAX2 AHRS and Digital Compass Module

Unparalleled heading accuracy even in GPS-denied environments

PNI Sensor TRAX2 AHRS and Digital Compass ModuleTRAX2 is a high-accuracy AHRS (Attitude and Heading Reference System) and digital compass module that provides superior heading and orientation under a wide range of demanding conditions – indoors or outdoors, static or dynamic, in canyons or under dense canopy, or in GPS-denied environments.

Combining PNI’s high-sensitivity magneto-inductive sensors with high-stability 3-axis MEMS gyroscopes and accelerometers, TRAX2 provides accurate heading, pitch and roll information under dynamic motion – even when GPS in unavailable or compromised. TRAX2’s patented magnetic anomaly rejection algorithms automatically isolate the earth’s magnetic field from other stray magnetic fields enabling accurate heading in any environment.

TRAX2 AHRS and digital compass moduleThe module can be operated in two modes – AHRS or digital compass. In AHRS mode, TRAX2 incorporates PNI’s 15 state Kalman filter with user-adjustable knobs to optimize the algorithms for specific applications and conditions such as UAVs, ground robotics and surface and subsea vessels.

Unlike other AHRS, the TRAX2 provides accurate magnetic heading even in the presence of magnetic distortion such as powerlines and rebar.

The SWaP-C (size, weight, power and cost)-optimized TRAX2 is calibrated via multiple methods to ensure accuracy over a variety of military, industrial, scientific and marine, and is ITAR-free.

TRAX2 Specifications

Dimensions3.5 x 4.3 x 1.0 cm
Weight7 g
Digital Compass Heading Accuracy0.3º rms
AHRS Heading Accuracy2.0º rms
Heading Range360º
Heading Resolution0.1º
Tilt Range±90º of pitch, ±180º of roll
Tilt Accuracy0.2º rms
Tilt Resolution0.01º

RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor

Precise magnetic field measurement

The RM3100 geomagnetic sensor provides precise compass heading and magnetic field measurements for drones, robotics, manned and unmanned vehicles.

RM3100 geomagnetic sensorBased on our proprietary magneto-inductive sensor technology, which provides high resolution, low power consumption, no hysteresis, large dynamic range, and high sampling rates, the RM3100 is ideal for applications requiring precise compass heading and precise magnetic field measurements. It delivers over 10 times better resolution and over 20 times lower noise than leading Hall Effect sensors and measurements are highly stable over both temperature free of offset drift.

The RM3100’s high sensor sample rate and precise magnetic field measurements enable accurate sensor fusion algorithm development for any application. For design flexibility, the RM3100’s MagI2C features both continuous measurement mode and single measurement polling and software-configurable resolution.

RM3100 Geomagnetic Sensor for DronesThe RM3100 is available as a plug-and-play breakout board, allowing you to rapidly evaluate the sensor and develop proof-of-concept prototypes. The board offers both I²C and SPI interfaces for maximum design flexibility.

RM3100 Specifications

50 Cycle Counts100 Cycle Counts200 Cycle Counts
Field Measurement Range±1100 μT±1100 μT±1100 μT
Noise30 nT20 nT15 nT
Gain @ 3V (LSB/μT)20 μT38 μT75 μT
Linearity over ±200 μT0.5% (typical)0.5% (typical)0.5% (typical)
Sensitivity50 nT26 nT13 nT
Max 3-Axis Sample Rate534 Hz284 Hz147 Hz

TCM XB and TCM MB Compass Modules

Sub-1 degree accuracy in real-world conditions

TCM Compass ModuleCombining our magneto-inductive sensors with a 3-axis MEMS accelerometer, the TCM tilt-compensated compass modules provide high-accuracy pitch, roll and compass heading in GPS-denied environments at all latitudes around the globe.

Delivering superior performance with low power requirements, the TCM modules feature four user-selectable calibration modes, as well as the ability to recalibrate the accelerometers, ensuring long-term performance in the field.

Ideal for target location and rangefinding applications, the TCM modules are available in two different form factors with TTL or RS232 interfaces.

TCM Compass Module Specifications

Dimensions3.5 x 4.3 x 1.3 cm (TCM XB with RS232)
3.3 x 3.1 x 1.3 cm (TCM MB with TTL)
Heading Accuracy< 0.3°rms ≤65°of tilt after full range calibration
< 2.0°rms ≤5°of tilt after 2D calibration
< 2.0°rms ≤2 times the calibration tilt angle after limited-tilt calibration
Heading Repeatability0.05° rms
Heading Resolution0.1°
Tilt Accuracy0.2° rms
Tilt Repeatability0.05° rms
Tilt Resolution0.01°

Prime Digital Compass Module

Full-featured compass for cost-sensitive applications

Prime is a low-cost, high-performance 3-axis compass module delivering 1° heading, pitch and roll accuracy and 0.