Cognitive Wireless MANET Mesh SDRs for Tactical, Mission-Critical Datalinks

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High-speed wireless connectivity solutions for real-time mission-critical applications

Creomagic is a leading developer of high-speed cognitive wireless mesh connectivity solutions for real-time mission-critical applications. Providing high-reliability coverage without the need for permanent infrastructure or a centralized point of failure, our MANET (Mobile Ad-Hoc Network) radio systems are ideal for use by quick responders and deployed forces with a variety of configurations, such as personal radio, vehicle, and compact for incorporation into UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and other robotic platforms.

MANET Mesh Technology

Our unique intelligent technology allows secure, stable and reliable transmission of real-time video, voice and data over constantly changing cognitive MANETs and wireless mesh network topologies. Using a powerful combination of routing, distributed spectrum sensing for cognitive radio and decentralized fog computing, our solution provides scalable peer-to-peer connectivity via multiple hops for high-speed communications even in challenging, interference-filled, dense urban environments.

MANET Technology

The state-of-the-art features of our technology include:

Self-Forming and Self-Healing Capabilities – a continually adapting network allows nodes to join or leave at any time, with a unique decentralized architecture that provides continuity even when one or more nodes are lost

Link Adaptation – sophisticated software-defined radio (SDR) technology defines adaptive transmission parameters for each node, in order to maximize link data rate, robustness and improve user experience

Transparent IP Networking – our network appears as a single Layer 2 networking switch, allowing other IP-based devices such as cameras and computers to be connected to MANET radios with seamless wireless mobility

Adaptive Scalable Routing – proprietary routing algorithms select the optimal communication path, minimizing wireless consumption and maximizing end-end throughput during spectrum sensing

Multicast Traffic – adaptive algorithms maximize network bandwidth efficiency and end-to-end throughput without global network overhead, continuously shifting the routing path to provide multicast transmission to only those devices that need a particular stream.

CNT-M2 MANET Transceiver Module

Wireless mesh connectivity for mission-critical applications

CNT-M2 wireless connectivity Radio Module

The CNT-M2 is an advanced intelligent MANET SDR module that enables the creation of robust, self-forming and self-healing wireless mesh networks. Based on our state-of-the-art technology, it provides secure, highly reliable connectivity for a range of demanding applications, including real-time video transmission for mobile surveillance, NLOS (non-line-of-sight) communications, and command and control of drones and robotics.