Embedded Computer Systems: COM and AI Edge Computing Technology

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Embedded Computer Systems: COM and AI Edge Computing Technology
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Advantech is a leading manufacturer of rugged embedded computer systems for mission-critical UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle), drone and robotics applications. Our innovative hardware is designed to meet stringent military and aerospace standards, ensuring the highest performance over long operational cycles and under the most challenging of conditions.Embedded Boards and AI Computers for Mission Critical ApplicationsWe are ISO 9001:2008 certified and operate three ITAR-certified facilities in the United States, working to the strictest quality and manufacturing standards to ensure that our products provide our customers with the utmost in reliability.

Embedded Computer Systems


Our compact and lightweight Computer-on-Module (COM) solutions feature cutting-edge CPUs, high-speed I/O and ECC memory, and are ideal for low-SWaP (size, weight and power) drones and robotics. Form factors include COM Express, COM-HPC and SMARC.

Mil-spec COM Express Type 10 development kitSOM-DK7600S
Mil-spec COM Express Type 10 development kit

COM-HPC Server Size E module supporting up to 512GB of memory

COM HPC Server moduleSOM-D580
COM-HPC Server Size D module with Intel Xeon D-2700

COM Express Basic Type 7 moduleSOM-5993
COM Express Basic Type 7 module with high-speed Ethernet

COM Express Compact Type 6 moduleSOM-6883
COM Express Compact Type 6 module with high-speed I/O

COM Express Mini Type 10 moduleSOM-7583
COM Express Mini Type 10 module with Intel 11th gen CPU

COM Express Basic Type 7 moduleSOM-9590
COM Express Basic Type 7 module with Intel Xeon CPU

AI Edge Computing Solutions

Edge inference systems for UAS, drones and unmanned vehicles

We provide computing solutions that enable powerful AI (artificial intelligence) inference at the edge, leveraging state-of-the-art NVIDIA embedded systems to equip drones and unmanned systems with smart self-learning capabilities.

edge inference systemsAIR-030
Compact AI inference system based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin

More information: Edge AI Solutions >

Fanless Embedded Computers

Our ultra-rugged fanless embedded computers are designed to withstand the harsh operating conditions of unmanned vehicles and military systems, offering powerful performance and a variety of I/O.

fanless embedded box pcARK-1250
Fanless PC with Intel 11th Gen CPU and DIN-rail I/O system

fanless embedded computer systemTS-206
Fanless in-vehicle PC supporting PoE IP cameras

More information: Fanless Embedded Computers >

Embedded PCs

Our compact embedded industrial PCs are designed to support Mini-ITX motherboards and 3.5” single-board computers, providing high-performance computing capabilities with flexible I/O in a low SWaP footprint.

compact embedded PCEPC-C301
Embedded PC with Intel 8th gen CPU and variety of I/O

More information: Embedded Industrial PCs >

Embedded SBCs

Advantech’s rugged embedded single-board computing solutions can be easily integrated into a wide variety of drone and robotics platforms, featuring wide operating temperature ranges and easy expansion capabilities.

Pico-ITX SBC with Intel Atom CPUMIO-2363
Pico-ITX SBC with Intel Atom CPU and up to 128GB EMMC

Industrial Flash Storage & Memory

Our high-reliability SSD storage and DRAM memory solutions are ruggedized to withstand harsh in-vehicle conditions, including high humidity, corrosion and extremes of shock and vibration. They are equipped with sophisticated self-management software that enables health status monitoring, lifespan predictions, and online PMQ (predictive maintenance quality).

Rugged SSD storageSQF-S25 840F
Shock- and vibration-resistant 2.5” SATA III & v3.2 SSD

Industrial SSD storageSQF-CM8 920F
Industrial-grade SSD storage compatible with PCIe Gen III and NVMe 1.3

More information: Industrial SSD Solutions >

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Intelligent Systems

Modular IPC

Advantech’s modular industrial PCs can be easily configured to support a wide variety of inspection, automation and monitoring applications, supporting a wide range of input voltages and operational temperatures.

embedded industrial pcMIC-770
Compact industrial PC with 10th Gen Intel Xeon CPU

More information: Modular IPC Solutions >

GPU Solutions

Our industrial-grade GPU solutions are based around NVIDIA Jetson technology and enable advanced mission-critical applications such as AI and machine learning.

AI Inference SystemsMIC-715
Rugged IP67-rated AI inference platform based on NVIDIA Jetson Xavier NX

AI Computer SystemsMIC-733
Compact AI system based on NVIDIA Jetson AGX Orin with 5G capability

More information: Industrial GPU Solutions >

In-Vehicle Sensing & AI Solutions

Our modular and scalable AI platform, designed specifically for in-vehicle applications, features a rugged shock- and vibration-tolerant build and supports advanced video surveillance and real-time tracking and communications.

Rugged modular AI platform for video surveillanceTrek-60
Rugged modular AI platform for video surveillance

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ai edge computing for Unmanned SystemsUAVs & Unmanned Systems

Our SWaP-optimized computing solutions are ideal for incorporation into a wide variety of UAV, UGV and robotics platforms, with a wide variety of form factors and performance options to choose from.

military computing systems for Video Processing & SurveillanceVideo Processing & Surveillance

We provide AI-enabled computing solutions that excel at edge inferencing and computer vision, providing drones and unmanned vehicles with next-generation smart autonomy capabilities.

Self-Driving & ADAS

Our AI and computer vision solutions are ideal for self-driving and ADAS systems, supporting multiple PoE cameras and providing advanced features such as remote power and ignition management.

military computing systemsGround Control Stations

Designed to deliver robust performance even under extreme conditions, our military computing systems are ideal for ground control stations deployed in harsh environments.

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