Embedded Computing Solutions, Computer-on-Modules & Single-Board Computers for Drones & UAV

Embedded Computing Solutions, Computer-on-Modules & Single-Board Computers for Drones & UAV
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congatec is a leading manufacturer of embedded computing solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), unmanned systems and robotics.COM Express module for embedded computing

Our computer-on-modules (COMs) and single-board computers (SBCs) are ideal for enhancing drone and robotic vehicle capabilities with artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning and computer vision.

Computer-on-Modules (COM)

Small form factor embedded computer modules

COM-HPC Modules

COM-HPC (high-performance computing) is a standard that is designed to extend the COM concept to a full featured Server-On-Module, with support for the fastest I/O such as PCIe Gen5 and USB4 25G Ethernet. Our COM-HPC solutions are based around the 11th Gen Intel Core processor series.

conga-HPC-cTLH - COM HPC Module


conga-HPC-cTLU​ - COM Express HPC


COM Express Type 6

The COM Express Type 6 standard features support for additional PCI Express 2.0 lanes, USB 3.0, and up to three DisplayPort/HDMI outputs. We provide modules in both Compact (95 x 95 mm) and Basic (95 x 125 mm) form factors, based on a variety of processors including Intel Core, Atom and Pentium, and AMD Embedded Ryzen and R-Series.

COM Express Type 6

COM Express Type 6

COM Express Type 7

The COM Express Type 7 standard is designed for server-class applications, with a 95 x 95 mm footprint and support for up to four 10 Gb Ethernet ports and up to 32 PCI Express lanes. Our Type 7 modules are based on Intel Xeon/Atom/Pentium and AMD EPYC 3000 processor series.

conga-B7AC - COM Express Type 7


conga-B7E3 - COM Express Type 7


conga-B7XD - COM Express Type 7


COM Express Type 10

The COM Express Type 10 standard is designed for low-power applications, with a Mini 84 x 55 mm form factor for space-constrained designs. Our Type 10 modules are based on Intel Atom, Pentium and Celeron processor series.

conga-MA7 - COM Express Type 10


conga-MA5 - COM Express Type 10


conga-MA4 - COM Express Type 10


conga-MA3 - COM Express Type 10


conga-MA3E - COM Express Type 10


SMARC Modules

SMARC (Smart Mobility ARChitecture) modules provide system developers with a complete credit-card sized embedded computing platform that is ideal for IoT, robotics and graphics-intensive low-power applications. Our SMARC modules are based on a variety of processors including ARM Cortex, NXP i.MX8, and Intel Atom/Pentium/Celeron.

conga-SMX8-Plus SMARC


conga-SMX8-Mini SMARC module


conga-SMX8X Smart Mobility ARChitecture


conga-SMX8 SMARC 2.0 module


conga-SA7 SMARC module


conga-SA5 SMARC 2.0 module


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Qseven modules leverage next-generation mobile embedded processors to provide extremely low power and small form factor solutions that are ideal for SWaP-constrained robotics. Our Qseven modules measure just 70×70 mm and are based around Intel Atom/Pentium/Celeron processors.

conga-QMX8-Plus Qseven module


conga-QA7 Qseven module


conga-QA5 Qseven module


conga-QA4 Qseven module


conga-QA3 Qseven module


conga-QMX6 Qseven module


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Single-Board Computers

Rugged embedded SBCs for OEMs

Mini-ITX Boards

Our Thin-Mini ITX SBCs feature a flat form factor with a maximum height of 25mm, making them ideal for space-constrained applications.

With products based on embedded Intel Core processors for high-performance applications, and Intel Atom-class processors for low-power requirements, this range of SBCs features a variety of I/O options and extended temperature ranges for industrial environments.

conga-IC370 Mini ITX Board


conga-IT6 mini itx industrial single board computer


conga-IC175 mini itx embedded single board computer


conga-IC170 mini itx module


conga-IA5 Mini ITX Board


View all Mini ITX SBCs >

Pico-ITX Boards

Our compact Pico-ITX form factor SBCs are ideal for space-constrained robotics and IoT (Internet of Things) applications, and feature low power consumption with a TDP of between 5 and 12W. The range includes options based on Intel Atom, Pentium and Celeron processors.

conga-PA7 Pico ITX Board


conga-PA5 Pico ITX embedded single board computer


conga-PA3 Pico ITX module


3.5” SBCs

Our 3.5” format SBCs are ideal for applications requiring a smaller solution than Mini-ITX, or where Pico-ITX falls short on performance, I/O variety, expansion options or wide-range DC input.

The industrial-grade SBCs are available with a variety of dedicated cooling solutions such as heat spreaders and integrated fans.

conga-JC370 3.5 single board computer


3.5 SBC cooling solutions


Evaluation Carrier Boards

We offer carrier boards that allow developers to easily evaluate COM-HPC, COM Express, SMARC and Qseven modules, with convenient routing of signals to standard interface connectors.

conga-HPC/EVAL-Client Eval Carrier Board


conga-X7EVAL Eval board


conga-TEVAL/COMe 3.0 Evaluation board

conga-TEVAL/COMe 3.0

conga-MEVAL Eval Carrier Board


conga-SEVAL Evaluation board


conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0 Eval board

conga-QEVAL/Qseven 2.0

Mini Carrier Boards

We provide a number of miniature carrier boards in the Mini-ITX and 3.5″ form factors, for rapid implementation of COM Express Type 6 and SMARC x86 & ARM modules.

conga-IT6 mini carrier board


conga-SMC1 SMARC-x86 Mini Carrier Boards


conga-SMC1 SMARC-ARM mini carrier board



We provide DRAM modules that have undergone our strict memory qualification process for the highest possible reliability.

DRAM manufacturers

Evaluation Kits

Our evaluation kits provide easy out-of-the-box evaluation of ARM, Qseven and SMARC solutions, as well as MIPI cameras for embedded computer vision and video analytics.



conga-SKIT/ARM i.MX8

conga-SKIT/ARM i.MX8





Services & Resources

Design & Technical Services

We provide a range of embedded electronic design services, including customization of SBCs and COMs to suit your exact requirements. We can also develop full custom hardware solutions, supporting the entire product lifecycle from initial design through to manufacture.

congatec Design ServicesWe can also provide specific support for particular phases of your product development, including:

  • Product definition and selection
  • Design guides and training
  • High-speed simulation
  • Reference schematics and design review
  • BIOS and firmware customization
  • Thermal and EMC optimization

Contact us to learn about our Design & Technical Services >

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