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Tethered Ocean ROV, plus Underwater Thrusters & Scanning Sonar for ROV & AUV
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Blue Robotics is a leading developer of marine robotics systems, parts and components. With a prime focus on cost and accessibility, our ocean ROV (remotely operated vehicles), underwater thrusters and accessories enable a wide range of missions for commercial, research and exploration applications.

Blue Robotics

Both our hardware and software are based around open-source designs, making them highly accessible to hobbyists and professionals alike and allowing vast scope for customization, modification, and reconfiguration. Our online forums provide our thriving community of ocean ROV users with support, resources, and much more.

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BlueROV2 Remotely Operated Vehicle

Versatile tethered ROV for underwater inspections

Blue Robotics BlueROV2

The BlueROV2 is a high-performance, highly configurable ROV designed for underwater inspections, research and ocean exploration.BlueROV2- remotely operated vehicle

Featuring open-source hardware and software, the platform features an unprecedented level of flexibility and expandability, allowing users to easily make improvements and upgrade ROV parts to take on a huge variety of missions down to depths of 100m (330 feet).

BlueROV2 - remotely operated underwater vehicle
BlueROV2 - remote operated underwater vehicle

The tethered ROV incorporates six of our T200 thrusters in a vectored configuration, delivering excellent thrust-to-weight ratio and providing the ability to move precisely in any direction. The system can be expanded to eight thrusters via our Heavy Configuration Retrofit Kit, and features adjustable gain levels for precision control at extremely low speeds as well as high power to overcome currents and carry heavy loads.

BlueROV2 - ROV vehicle
BlueROV2 - ocean rov

The BlueROV2 is provided with our Fathom ROV tether, with available length options from 25m (82 ft) up to 300 m (984 ft).

BlueROV2 - Tethered ROV

Live HD video and modular design for flexible payload configuration

rov inspection vehicleThe underwater ROV features a front-mounted high definition (1080p, 30fps) wide-angle low-light camera that has been specially optimized for the platform. The camera’s tilt mechanism allows the pilot to look up or down even when the vehicle is level. A choice of two or four dimmable lights provides illumination of up to 6000 lumens.

Blue Robotics ROVThe BlueROV2’s open frame has been designed like a research- or work-class ROV, allowing easy attachment of a wide variety of accessories, including custom and third-party.

We also provide a versatile payload skid that further extends the frame and facilitates the attachment of much larger payloads.

We provide a range of parts and accessories that allow you to expand the capabilities of your BlueROV2, including:

BlueROV2 with integrated Ping360

BlueROV2 with integrated Ping360

Open-source user interface & control software

Based around the widely-utilized ArduSub subsea vehicle control firmware, the BlueROV2 provides a vast suite of features and capabilities, as well as scope for extensive expansion.

ROV vehicle control software
ROV control software

The tethered ROV can be controlled via a Windows, Mac or Linux laptop and a gamepad controller. An intuitive and user-friendly user interface is provided by the open-source QGroundControl application, which provides live video streaming, sensor feedback and information, as well as the ability to change settings and configuration.


Dimensions (L x W x H) 457 x 338 x 254 mm (18 x 13.3 x 10 in)
Weight in Air 10-11 kg (22-24 lbs) with ballast
Net Buoyancy 9-10  kg (20-22 lbs) with ballast
Payload Capacity 1 – 1.2 kg (2.2 to 2.6 lbs) – payload dependent
Maximum Rated Depth 100m (330 ft)
Maximum Tested Depth 130 m (425 ft)
Battery Life (with 18Ah Li-Ion) ~2 hrs (normal use)
~4 hrs (light use)

Learn more and buy online: BlueROV2 Remotely Operated Vehicle

T200 Underwater Thruster

Marine thruster for AUVs, ROVs and USVs

T200 AUV ThrusterThe T200 is a powerful and compact underwater thruster for AUVs and ROVs and can also be used to convert a wide variety of floating platforms into USVs (unmanned surface vessels).

It features a patented fully-flooded brushless motor design that provides cooling and lubrication for enhanced efficiency and longer life.

T200 Underwater thrusterThe thruster’s body and propeller are constructed from durable polycarbonate plastic, and the only exposed metal components are made from marine-grade 316 stainless steel.

The compact design features a minimal number of parts, simplifying operation and maintenance.

T200 ROV thruster
T200 Underwater thrusters
T200 Marine thruster

The T200 marine thruster is ideal for powering a wide range of autonomous and unmanned underwater and surface platforms in commercial and research applications such as inspection, environmental monitoring, aquaculture, shipwreck exploring and more. It has also been used as the thruster of choice in many underwater robotics competitions such as MATE ROV and RoboSub AUV.

T200 Thruster on QUT's RangerBot
T200 Thruster on QUT's RangerBot
T200s on FeelHippo AUV of the University of Florence
T200s on FeelHippo AUV of the University of Florence

Electronic Speed ControllerThe T200 thruster is provided ready to use out of the box, and includes both clockwise and counterclockwise propellers.

We can also provide all the other components you need to get up and running, including an electronic speed controller (ESC), power source and signal source.


Dimensions (length x diameter) 113 x 100 mm (4.45 x 3.9 in)
Propeller Diameter 66 mm (3.0 in)
Weight in Air (with 1m cable) 344g (0.76 lb)
Weight in Water (with 1m cable) 156g (0.34 lb)
Full Throttle Fwd/Rev Thrust 5.25/4.1 kg f (11.6/9.0 lb f) – nominal 16V
6.7/5.05 kg f (14.8/11.1 lb f) – maximum 20V
Full Throttle Power 390W – nominal 16V
645W – maximum 20V

Learn more and buy online: T200 Underwater Thruster

Ping360 Scanning Sonar

Imaging and navigation ROV sonarPing360 ROV Imaging sonar

Ping360 Scanning sonarThe Ping360 is a mechanical scanning sonar for ROV navigation and underwater acoustic imaging that features a range of to 50 metres (165 feet) and a depth rating of 300 metres (984 feet). Providing excellent performance in low-visibility conditions, it is ideal for inspection, obstacle avoidance, target location and tracking, and more.

ping360 image top down
Ping360 scanning sonar delivers a top-down view
Dock Pilings in front of the BlueROV2
Dock Pilings in front of the BlueROV2

Measuring acoustic echoes in one-degree increments through a full 360 degrees, the scanning ROV sonar delivers a top-down view of the ROV’s surroundings, providing visibility of objects and structures such as ropes, walls, dock pilings, rocks, shipwrecks, boats and marine life.

120 Sector Following line fixed
120 Sector Scan with Line fixed

Ping360 ROV sonarThe Ping360‘s design features a rugged anodized aluminium housing with an oil-filled section at the top for the acoustic transducer. The unit is easily mounted to ROVs with four M3 mounting holes and an included bracket, and the 1-metre (3.3 foot) cable comes with a pre-installed cable penetrator.

The Ping360 connects to our intuitive open-source Ping-Viewer application for easy system control and data display. Ping-Viewer runs on Windows, Mac, and Linux and can connect to the Ping360 through a direct connection to the computer or through the Companion web interface on the BlueROV2.

Navigation sonar

Updated Ping-Viewer Interface showing a tire found with Ping360

The Ping360’s Ping-Protocol binary message format allows easy integration into a wide range of systems, and we can provide Arduino and Python libraries to get developers up and running as quickly as possible.


Dimensions (length x diameter) 83 x 77 mm
Weight in Air (with 1m cable) 510g (18 oz)
Weight in Water (with 1m cable) 175g (6.17 oz)
Max Power Consumption 5W
Frequency 750 kHz
Beamwidth 2° horizontal
25° vertical
Range 0.75 – 50m (2.5 – 165 ft)
Range Resolution 0.08 % of range
Scan Speed (one revolution) 9 sec @ 2m
35 sec @ 50m
Pressure rating 300m (984 ft)

Learn more and buy online: Ping360 Scanning Sonar

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