Underwater Robotic Vehicles (ROV & AUV) for Inspections, Observation and Videography
Boxfish Alpha ROV Next-generation ROV for inspection & observation
Boxfish Alpha ROV

Next-generation ROV for inspection & observation

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Boxfish Alpha ROV

The Boxfish Alpha is a next-generation underwater ROV designed for inspection, observation and light intervention work. Based on the design of our proven 1000m Boxfish ROV, Alpha includes eight thrusters for six degrees of freedom of movement, allowing it to travel and orient itself in any direction and navigate under highly challenging conditions.

The versatile vehicle is easy to operate and can be deployed rapidly with minimal setup. The integrated 4K camera with 6x zoom allows users to live-stream or capture detailed footage, making it ideal for non-intrusive inspection and monitoring of underwater assets. Profiling sonars can also be used to create detailed 3D models.

With auto-stabilization and precision control, Alpha is also ideal for a range of maintenance tasks, and can be equipped with optional tools such as manipulators, line cutters, grabbers, and jaws. Additional accessories include USBL systems, Doppler velocity logs (DVL), and laser scalers.