Underwater Robotic Vehicles (ROV & AUV) for Inspections, Observation and Videography
Boxfish ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle Professional ROV for underwater inspections, observation and remote expeditions
Boxfish ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

Professional ROV for underwater inspections, observation and remote expeditions

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Boxfish ROV – Remotely Operated Vehicle

The Boxfish ROV is an advanced video ROV system that delivers sharp, uncompressed, near-zero latency 4K video. Weighing just 23 kg, it can be easily setup and launched within minutes by a crew of two, and is able to operate at depths of up to 500m as standard, with options for 1000m and beyond.

Eight 3D-vectored thrusters provide six degrees of freedom of movement, allowing the underwater robotic vehicle to travel and orientate itself in any direction and operate even in tight spaces and strong currents.

The submersible ROV’s uncompressed main 4K underwater video camera is complemented by two additional built-in ultra-wide-angle navigation cameras, offering unprecedented surround visibility and superior situational awareness. Two 8,500-lumen lights provide excellent illumination allowing image capture even in total darkness.

The control station includes a 17 inch 4K monitor for crisp image and video viewing, as well as a 10 inch screen that displays footage from the ultra-wide angle cameras.

The Boxfish ROV can operate for up to 14 hours on a single charge, and sealed quick-access ports allow it to be charged easily in the field. In case of unexpected difficulties, the subsea ROV’s fault-tolerant design allows it to continue to operate even with several fouled thrusters. If communication is lost, the underwater robotic system will automatically return to the surface under its own power.

High-Accuracy Underwater Photogrammetry

The Boxfish ROV has been engineered for high-resolution 3D underwater photogrammetry, with an uncompressed 4K video stream, six degrees of freedom movement and actively stabilised platform.

Underwater assets are quickly and easily captured from all angles with optimal lighting to ensure complete and accurate models. High resolution crisp and clear images result in the highest quality 3D photogrammetry products.

USBL Positioning

The Boxfish ROV can be enhanced with an optional navigation package that includes a USBL (ultrashort baseline) positioning system for position tracking and control. A USBL transponder is mounted or suspended from the mother vessel, wirelessly communicating via high-frequency sound waves with a beacon installed on the ROV.

For real-time position monitoring, an included GPS module can be attached to the USBL system on the vessel. Positioning software combines the data from the USBL transponder and the GPS module to calculate and display the absolute global position of the ROV on the Boxfish Control Station or on a separate laptop.

Dimensions (L x W x H) 714mm (28in) x 435mm (17in) x 351mm (14in)
Weight 24kg (53lbs) with salt water ballast installed
Depth Rating 500m (1,640ft) / 1000m (3,300ft)
Dive Time 4-14 hours (depending on conditions)
Tether Dimensions Diameter 2.7mm (0.11in) – optional 1.9/3.7/4.3mm Length 350m (1150ft) – optional 3,000m+ (10,000ft+)
Tether Strength 113 kgf (249lbf) – optional up to 560kgf (1,235lbf)
Cameras 4K uncompressed main camera and 2 navigation cameras
Lights 2 x 8,500 lumen, high CRI, dimmable