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Drone Flight Controllers for Multirotor, Quadcopter & VTOL UAVs

Fusion Engineering
Drone Flight Controllers for Multirotor, Quadcopter & VTOL UAVs
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Fusion Engineering is a developer of cutting-edge drone flight controllers developed from the ground up to support the next generation of UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) operations. Leveraging our expertise in flight control algorithms and technology, our aim is to enhance the safety and reliability of drone flight in order to integrate it into everyday life.

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Fusion Reflex

State-of-the-art drone flight controller for multirotor platforms

Multirotor flight controller

The Fusion Reflex is a cutting-edge flight controller for quadcopters and other multirotor platforms that provides an unprecedented combination of rapid integration, versatility in connectivity, and enhanced flight performance. Based on the latest developments in state estimation, flight control, and fault tolerance, it is designed for commercial drone manufacturers looking to create groundbreaking platforms for new markets and applications that were previously thought to be impossible.

Examples of how Fusion Reflex can take multirotor operations to the next level include:

  • UAV flight controllerSignificantly improving drone resistance to challenging wind conditions, allowing offshore wind and energy platform inspections to be undertaken more often
  • Eliminating the chance of lightshow quadcopter drones crashing into each other, reducing risk and allowing them to fly in tighter formation
  • Improving the precision of contact operations, such as applying paint coatings to turbine blades

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Advanced state estimation and multirotor flight control technology

Fusion Reflex’s advanced state estimation technology is based on Unscented Kalman Filtering (UKF), which is a superior method to the conventional Extended Kalman Filtering (EKF). Our flexible implementation allows additional sensors and state variables to be added easily, enabling the system to utilize all available information.

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The multirotor flight controller also uses a novel technique based on Incremental Nonlinear Dynamic Inversion (INDI), which combines fast sensor update rates and nonlinear control to enable drones to execute precise and aggressive manoeuvres. Dynamic factors such as gust wind disturbances can be effectively cancelled without any modelling assumptions.

To provide an additional layer of safety, a robust fault-tolerant control system will be implemented, which is intended to rapidly detect rotor failures and lead the drone to recover and land safely.

High-reliability software engineering

Our software runs on top of a Linux-based system and is written from the ground up in the highly reliable Rust programming language. We use an isolated modular architecture that ensures that a bug in one process will not affect others. Individual modules can be immediately restarted without interrupting other functions, allowing the drone to keep flying throughout. This flexible approach also allows you to easily add your own custom software modules.

Fusion Reflex is fully compatible with QGroundControl and other software that requires MAVLink communications.

Continuously improved design

Our innovative UAV flight control system has been developed in conjunction with TU Delft Research Lab and tested at the Royal Netherlands Aerospace Centre (NLR). We continually add new features and functionality to ensure that Fusion Reflex remains at the forefront of drone flight technology.

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We are working closely with the FAA and EASA to achieve certification for assured safety and reliability. Fusion Reflex is designed to exceed the required standards for FAA Part 107 waivers and EU requirements for SAIL 5 & 6 categories of high-risk drone operations.

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Early Access Package

We have created a special Early Access package for the Fusion Reflex flight controller, aimed at select clients that share our ethos of innovation and desire to push the boundaries of the drone industry. The initiative enables you to gain a timely edge over your competitors, while also enabling us to improve the product further with the aid of continuous real-world feedback.

The Early Access package includes:

  • Four Reflex units at a significantly discounted price
  • Free software licenses and updates for the duration of the EA program
  • Discounts on any additional required support, as well as priority over regular customers

Participants in our exclusive program will also receive discounts on further volume orders of Reflex, as well as on other new products and packages.

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