Sentient Vision Systems

AI-based Object Detection and Tracking Software for UAV Surveillance & SAR

Sentient Vision Systems
AI-based Object Detection and Tracking Software for UAV Surveillance & SAR
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Sentient Vision Systems is a leading developer of computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI) surveillance software solutions for defence and commercial applications.

Our imagery analysis systems provide autonomous real-time object detection and tracking capabilities for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

small object detection using deep learning

Our products are widely used for Intelligence, Surveillance and Reconnaissance (ISR) missions to enhance situational awareness and support strategic decisions in both land-based and maritime environments.

Kestrel Land – object detection & tracking

Wide-area UAV surveillance system

Kestrel small object detection

Kestrel Land provides high-precision automated real-time moving object detection software for UAV EO/IR platforms. The open architecture system is sensor- and datalink-agnostic and can easily interface with almost any commercially available drone cameras.

Kestrel moving object tracking

The AI surveillance software performs full motion video processing, continually examining over 60 factors frame-by-frame to detect moving objects such as humans or vehicles that may be too small for a human operator to pick up or are on the periphery of the scene.

The tracking software clearly marks targets of interest and can track full movement history as well as provide predicted future paths.

automated object detection

Kestrel Land significantly reduces operator fatigue and provides up to 20 times increase in the UAV surveillance area. The intuitive GUI allows use of digital zoom as well as EO/IR sensor zoom, and displays user-defined target history in real time while maintaining overwatch of the greater search area in the sensor’s Wide Field of View (WFOV).

More information: Kestrel Land – object detection & tracking software

Kestrel Maritime – SAR detection software

Drone-based maritime surveillance system

Kestrel Maritime surveillance systemKestrel Maritime provides automated moving object detection for wide-area maritime surveillance in conditions up to Sea State 6. It allows operators of UAV electro-optical or infrared sensors to track targets in full-motion video as small as a couple of pixels square that would otherwise be lost in darkness, haze or breaking waves.

With the ability to detect small wooden or fibreglass vessels, people, debris, fishing buoys and fast boats, Kestrel Maritime allows operators to determine the geolocation, size, speed and direction of a target and its movement history in real time.

Kestrel Maritime search and rescue

The AI-powered software provides a 20x increase in surveillance area and vastly reduces operator fatigue. The specialized Search & Rescue (SAR) mode focuses on detecting up-turned hulls of small boats as well as life-saving equipment such as lifejackets and life rafts, resulting in much quicker time to rescue.

The ITAR-free system is sensor- and datalink-agnostic and generates data compliant with the STANAG 4609 and MISB 0601 formats.

More information: Kestrel Maritime – UAV SAR detection software

ViDAR Maritime – real time object detection

Autonomous object recognition for UAVs

ViDAR maritime surveillance system

ViDAR (Visual Detection and Ranging) Maritime is a wide-area optical search system that uses computer vision and deep learning to autonomously find objects on the surface of the ocean in conditions up to Sea State 6. Featuring an external camera layout tailored to the specific drone platform and use case, and onboard low-SWaP processing electronics, it provides more than 300 times the coverage of existing EO/IR systems.

ViDAR Maritime provides operators with thumbnail images and coordinates of each object detected in real time. Upon selection of an image, it initiates automatic cross-cueing of the UAV’s primary sensor to objects of interest for closer inspection.

The versatile system features specialized configuration profiles for search & rescue and wide area search, and can be tailored towards a variety of fixed-wing and rotary drone platforms.

ViDAR Wide Area Maritime Detection

VMS-5 Pod – ViDAR Optical Radar

ViDAR pod for day and night UAV SAR & surveillance operations

Night ViDAR software

The VMS-5 ViDAR Pod provides an easy way to deploy and integrate ViDAR Optical Radar capabilities onto your fixed-wing or rotary UAV for search and rescue or surveillance operations.


The low-SWaP system features an array of multi-camera EO and Long Wave IR sensors to provide 180-degree search coverage in front or the aircraft, supporting both daytime and night-time operations. It is easily integrated into existing mission management systems.

The VMS-5 ViDAR Pod is compatible with COTS mounting systems and wing strut mounts, and we can also provide bespoke mounting solutions for specific drone platforms.

Optical Radar Pods

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