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Automatic Target Recognition for AUV & AI-Based Maritime Situational Awareness for USV

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Automatic Target Recognition for AUV & AI-Based Maritime Situational Awareness for USV
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Charles River Analytics is a leading developer of intelligent technologies for UUVs (unmanned underwater vehicles), USVs (unmanned surface vessels) and other autonomous vehicles. With world-class research and development capabilities, we pride ourselves on solving the most challenging problems at the intersection of human and machine intelligence.

Our groundbreaking solutions serve a wide variety of markets and applications, including defense, commercial shipping, oil and gas, offshore wind, geo-surveying, law enforcement, and scientific research.

AutoTRap Onboard – Automatic Target Recognition

AI object detection and classification for AUVs

AutoTRap automatic target recognition
AutoTRap Onboard is a sophisticated automatic target recognition software application for AUVs (autonomous underwater vehicles) that leverages state-of-the-art deep learning technologies to locate and classify objects from sonar data in real time. This high-accuracy AI object detection and classification allows AUV to continue with their mission without the need for time-consuming manual analysis of sonar data.

AI object detection

AI object recognition software

Third party software

real time object detection AI

AutoTRap Onboard

The system architecture has been trained to detect a wide variety of objects of interest, including mines, shipping containers, oil pipelines, human forms, aircraft black boxes, and more. Charles River Analytics provides services to train AutoTRap Onboard for specific customer requirements, adding to the existing target library.AutoTRap deep learning object detection and classification

AutoTRap Onboard has been developed, tested, and deployed on the Teledyne Gavia line of AUVs, and is also compatible with other underwater vehicles and sonar systems, including towed sonar systems.

UUV sonar ai target detector

Advantages of AutoTRap Onboard include:

  • Empower AUVs to make more effective decisions without needing to return to the surface
  • Accomplish more complex mission goals in a single deployment, reducing mission cost and time
  • Reduce the number of AUV launch and recovery cycles, saving power and time and allowing vehicles to search a wider area
  • Simplify deployments in unfavourable environmental conditions such as rough seas
  • Real-time contact alerts deliver object type, confidence of detection, and position to any external system such as AUV navigation and control or mapping software

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Awarion – Maritime Situational Awareness

AI and computer vision sensing system for USVs

Awarion maritime situational awareness

Awarion artificial intelligence vision systemsAwarion is an AI (artificial intelligence) and computer vision powered system that provides autonomous sensing and lookout capabilities for enhanced maritime situational awareness and surveillance. Ideal for USV operators, it uses electro-optical and infrared (EO/IR) video streams to detect, analyze, and report on the presence of a wide variety of objects such as vessels, fishing buoys and marine mammals.

awarion maritime surveillance system - ship detections

Ship detections

awarion tugboat vessel detection

Vessel detections

ai computer vision system - whale detections

Whale detections

computer vision system - night detections

Night detections

Delivering persistent autonomous outlook and reducing operator fatigue, the system’s advanced algorithms provide capabilities such as trajectory modelling and threat assessment. The EO/IR sensors provide greater detail and resolution than radar, enabling superior detection probability and true USV autonomy.

maritime situational awareness

The flexible Awarion system features a core software component with processing hardware that can be interfaced with our Smart Camera or user-selected sensor. The Smart Camera can be provided with an optional 360-degree pointable mount, or multiple fixed cameras around the vessel can be combined to form a 360-degree view.

Performance metrics achieved by Awarion include:

  • 90% accuracy in ship classification
  • 90% probability of ship detection
  • 80% probability of whale detection

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Marine Systems Testing & Development Services

autonomous testing

We provide a comprehensive range of marine testing services for both government and commercial clients at our state-of-the-art test facility, which provides year-round access to littoral testing waters. Services include deployment, operation, evaluation, and maintenance of UUVs from 3 to 30 feet in length, as well as USVs. Our onsite engineers are experienced designers and developers of marine systems for the US Navy.

Marine Testing Services

Maritime research and development

We also offer research and development of hardware and software prototypes for intelligent and autonomous UUV and USV applications. Our experience includes:

  • UUV and USV communication, navigation, and control systems
  • Ruggedized and waterproof electronic and mechanical systems
  • Depth-rated and pressure-tolerant housings
  • UUV launch and recovery vessels and devices
  • Sensor and scientific testing rigs

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