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Multi-Polarized, Omni-Directional Antennas for Long Range Wireless Communications

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MP Antenna
Multi-Polarized, Omni-Directional Antennas for Long Range Wireless Communications
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MP Antenna is a leading designer and manufacturer of advanced multi-polarized antennas for wireless UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) and unmanned systems communications.

With state-of-the-art multipath mitigation and enhanced data throughput, our products are ideal for drones, UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and robotic platforms requiring robust and reliable wireless communications in challenging environments.

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Multi-polarized antennas

Advanced multipolarization for superior performance

Our patented 3D antenna designs feature the highest efficiency on the market, and provide built-in spatial and polarization diversity. The multi-polarized antennas deliver significantly enhanced performance in harsh weather conditions and NLOS (non-line-of-sight) environments compared to traditional linear-polarized antennas, resulting in highly consistent voice and data communications in any network deployment.

In addition to our COTS (commercial off the shelf) antenna products, we also provide the ability to tailor solutions to your exact requirements – click here to visit our custom antenna configurator.

MP-SL Series Antennas

Ultra-light SwarmLink drone antennas for industrial and military UAS

Our SwarmLink antennas are specially designed for UAV and UGV wireless communications and telemetry, with an advanced multipolarized design that minimizes signal degradation and polarization mismatch in real-world moving applications, thus avoiding loss of connectivity and control of the vehicle.

long range drone antennas

The flexible gooseneck drone antennas are ultra-lightweight and are ideal for low-SWaP unmanned vehicles operating in NLOS and obstructed environments, providing increased network throughput speeds and enhanced stability.

The rugged antennas are sealed to IP67 standards, allowing them to be used in challenging outdoor environments.

The SwarmLink antenna series provides options for the following frequency ranges:

902 – 928 MHz
1350 – 1390 MHz
1780 – 1850 MHz
2200 – 2500 MHz
2400 – 2500 MHz
3550 – 3700 MHz
4400 – 5000 MHz
5000 – 6000 MHz

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Micro Omni Antennas

Omni-directional Wi-Fi antennas

micro omni directional wifi antennasOur Micro Omnis Antennas are designed to deliver enhanced connectivity and data throughput for both indoor and outdoor Wi-Fi applications. Featuring a patented multi-polarized three-dimensional element design, they provide obstruction-penetrating transmit and receive capabilities under challenging real-world conditions.

The rugged antennas are IP67-rated and are constructed with a low-profile radome design. They are available with a range of male and female connector options for maximum installation flexibility.

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Hemispheric Antenna

Dual-band mimo antenna for mobile and Wi-Fi

hemispheric antennaOur hemispheric omni-directional mobile and Wi-Fi antenna is designed for the 2 to 3GHz and 4.9 to 6GHz frequency ranges, with a patented three-dimensional element design that delivers superior patterning and continuous wideband performance for reliable mobile data communications.

With a low-profile design, the antenna features a built-in ground plane, low-loss cables and high-quality connectors, and is available with up to four separate antenna feeds.

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