High-Density & Ultra-Rugged Connectivity Solutions

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Fischer Connectors Circular UAV Connectors

Make your device smaller, faster & smarter with Fischer Connectors’ solutions.

Fischer Connectors’ solutions – electrical and optical circular connectors, cable assemblies and active devices – are recognized worldwide for their high reliability and performance, durability, faultless quality & precision, as well as breakthrough innovativeness.

Fischer circular connectors set new standards in usability, integration capability and versatility to meet application design engineers’ and end users’ needs for a signal & power connectivity offering:

  • miniaturization and high density
  • high-speed data transmission
  • ultra-ruggedness – IP68/69 sealing, resistance to extreme temperatures, shock & vibration
  • plug & play technology

Easy to integrate and to use, designed with human factors engineering as well as SWaP (size, weight and power) and cable management optimization requirements in mind, Fischer rugged connectors are ideally suitable for devices and electronic ecosystems in unmanned vehicle systems, defense & security, robotics, wearables and IoT.

Customized solutions are designed to meet specific needs and requirements, from initial concept to prototyping, testing, manufacturing and installation.

Configuration diversity – Fischer Core Series

Versatile Push Pull Circular Connectors

Our Core Series of push pull circular connectors is a highly versatile connection solution that is ideal for a wide range of applications, including instrumentation, broadcast and manned and unmanned vehicles.

With over 20,000 different configurations incorporating up to 55 contacts, our Core product range is available in the following designs:

Core Series Circular Connectors for UAVs and Robotics

Brass Connectors
Highly configurable circular connectors available in sealed and vacuum tight versions

Stainless Steel Connectors
Corrosion and radiation resistant circular connectors with IP68 sealing

Alulite Connectors
Ultralight connectors constructed from chrome-plated aluminium with chemical resistance and 360o EMC shielding

Plastic Connectors
Durable, lightweight circular connectors sealed up to IP68 standard and capable of withstanding 5000 mating cycles

Disposable Connectors
Cost-effective single-use plugs with either single- or two-piece construction

Broadcast Connectors
Highly durable Triax Pro+ connectors optimized for broadcast cameras and providing long transmission distance with professional data quality

Ultra-ruggedness – Fischer UltiMate™ Series

Rugged Connectors for Unmanned Systems

The Fischer UltiMate™ Series offers a wide variety of rugged connectors designed to withstand high levels of shock & vibration, temperature and corrosion. All UltiMate rugged connectors are sealed to IP68 (unmated) / IP69 (mated), feature 360o EMC shielding and can withstand up to 10,000 mating cycles.

UltiMate™ rugged connectors are available in a variety of sizes with up to 42 contacts, and cable or panel mounting options.

Rugged Connectors Compact Lightweight - Fischer UltiMate