Fischer Connectors Selected for Modular Waterproof Quadcopter Drone

Published: 11 Feb 2019

Hexadrone Systems Tundra-M UAS

Fischer Connectors has confirmed that its MiniMax™ Series of connectors has been used in Hexadrone Systems’ Tundra-M UAS (unmanned aerial system). The Tundra-M is a waterproof, modular quadcopter drone designed to be suitable for a variety of commercial and industrial applications.

Featuring rapidly switchable arms and three quick release attaches, the Tundra-M is a highly flexible system that can be equipped with a range of payloads for different missions. Its rugged waterproof design makes it highly resistant to extreme weather conditions.

Hexadrone Systems selected Fischer’s MiniMax™ Series of connectors for use in the HDMI, USB and CAN interconnection systems of the Tundra-M. Hexadrone required a solution that would allow them to design the Tundra-M with a high degree of modularity, while providing rugged, watertight construction and keeping SWaP (size, weight and power) profiles to a minimum. The connectors were an ideal choice due to their lightweight, compact design and their easy-to-handle blind mating connection. All MiniMax™ connectors are IP68 sealed mated and unmated, and can withstand more than 5000 mating cycles. They can also be optimised for full USB3.0 performance to the full S-parameter standards with cables up to 2m.

Applications of the Fischer MiniMax™ Series for UAVs and related systems include:

  • UAV power & control systems
  • UAV guidance systems
  • Inertial navigation systems (INS)
  • Global navigation satellite systems (GNSS)
  • Airborne laser scanners
  • Airborne lidar systems
  • Airborne camera and survey systems

MiniMax™ connectors are available in 06 and 08 sizes with receptacles of 10mm and 12mm diameter and with configurations of 4-12 contacts. They are offered in three different locking systems: push-pull, screw and quick-release.

Posted by Mike Ball Mike is our resident technical editor here at Unmanned Systems Technology. Combining his passions for teaching, advanced engineering and all things unmanned, Mike keeps a watchful eye over everything related to the unmanned technical sector. With over 10 years’ experience in the unmanned field and a degree in engineering, Mike’s been heading up our technical team here for the last 8 years.

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