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Fischer Adds AWG24 Ethernet and IP68 Sealing to MiniMax Connector Series

By Mike Ball / 11 Apr 2018
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Fischer MiniMax connectors for UAVs

Fischer Connectors, a provider of high-performance circular connector and cable assemblies, has announced several new extensions to the ultra-dense Fischer MiniMax Series of connectors, increasing its usability in many applications. The improvements include:

  • High-speed AWG24 Ethernet data transfer
  • Enhanced IP68 sealing down to 20m/24h
  • Hexagonal body style
  • Anthracite coating with <5mΩ panel grounding

The result of these innovations is high performance in a very small connector, addressing the growing need for higher data transmission in such markets as unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) and other robotic platforms.

Building on the success of the USB 3.0 contact block introduced last year, Fischer Connectors has released another data-speed focused extension to the company’s high-density miniature Fischer MiniMax Series. The new MiniMax connector in 08 size now gives design engineers the option of integrating rugged connectivity solutions with full-speed Ethernet into their latest creations. This new contact block configuration of eight AWG24 pins in a receptacle of only 12 mm diameter enables fast Ethernet data transmission over longer distances. The new configuration can help move Ethernet connectivity into more rugged environments, protected from the elements with enhanced IP68 ratings.

Advances in design and production processes have also enabled Fischer Connectors to increase the depth that all Fischer MiniMax Series connectors can safely achieve, providing enhanced reliability for extreme environments. The more stringent IP68 sealing level ensures all MiniMax connectors and cable assembly solutions now go even deeper than ever before – achieving a new standard of 20 meters for 24 hours.

The Fischer MiniMax Series receptacles now also come in a hexagonal body style, making integration into small housings easier and more robust. As customers do not need to rely on the flat of the panel cut, they can instead include a hexagonal recess on the backside of the panel in which the receptacle will fit. As for coating, the new standard for the Fischer MiniMax Series now includes an anthracite surface treatment. This coating is similar to the one used on the Fischer UltiMate Series, reaching <5 mΩ panel grounding as required in MIL standards while still being non-reflective and stealthy.

Wim Vanheertum, Director of Product Management at Fischer Connectors, explained: “The MiniMax connector aims to increase the performance of miniature rugged devices, handling more mixed signal and power connections in a unique combination. Our highly-engineered miniature signal & power connectivity solution is ideally suited for applications where Space, Weight and Power (SWaP) is critical, increasing portability and resisting water, corrosion, vibration, shock and extreme temperatures – for device manufacturers looking for ruggedized, sealed and shielded connectors, with reduced weight and size combined with optimal usability and performance. MiniMax is also a solution to wearable (handheld, body-worn) and mobile equipment challenges, and it provides more functionality in smaller devices, lowering the total cost of ownership.”

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