Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones: Accessible, Scalable and Reliable

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Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones: Accessible, Scalable and Reliable
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Ainstein is a global leading developer of mmWave radar sensing technologies for drones and robotics. Our advanced sensors enable intelligent flight and navigation for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and autonomous vehicles, providing unmatched precision and performance in highly dynamic and challenging environments.

We have delivered affordable, scalable, and reliable solutions to hundreds of customers across 40 countries, and have successfully undertaken projects in areas such as:

  • Smart Agriculture
  • Drone Delivery
  • Aerial Targets
  • Geophysical Survey

Radar Altimeters for UAVs

The advantages of drone radar altimeters

While radar and LiDAR have some similarities, radar technology provides a number of crucial advantages for altitude sensing in environments commonly experienced by drones and robotic vehicles.
UAV Altitude Radar

  • Radar can function in heavy rain, snow, and fog without experiencing any loss in performance
  • Radar is highly suited for applications where large bodies of water are present, whereas LiDAR signals are absorbed
  • Radar offers superior performance in the presence of bushes, tree canopies and heavy vegetation, compared to standard LiDAR

Radar also outperforms vision-based technologies in several key areas.

All-Weather Performance ✓✓ X
Range ✓✓ ✓✓
Range Resolution ✓✓
Velocity ✓✓ X
Excels in Adverse Lighting Conditions ✓✓ XX
Privacy ✓✓
Affordability ✓✓ XX
Color/Contrast ✓✓


Compact all-weather radar altimeter for UAVs

Radar Altimeter for UAVsThe US-D1 is a lightweight and compact airborne radar altimeter that provides reliable measurements at distances of up to 50 meters. Providing robust all-weather operations during the day or night, it is ideal for applications such as cargo delivery, agricultural spraying, and low-altitude surveying and landing.

The low-SWaP device features an intuitive plug-and-play operation, with no calibration required for PX4/Pixhawk platforms. The unit counts with FCC, CE, and IP67 certifications.

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Long-range radar altimeter for commercial, industrial & tactical drones

airborne radar altimeterThe LR-D1 is a radar altimeter that delivers reliable and accurate data even in low visibility and the harshest of weather conditions. Featuring a rugged enclosure, it is designed to be used at distances of up to 500 metres.

The heavy-duty airborne altimeter is designed for large and high-speed UAVs, and is ideal for autonomous takeoff and landing requirements as well as industrial and tactical applications including cargo delivery, geophysical surveying, and tactical targets or target drones.

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LR-D1 Pro

Dual-band radar altimeter for larger VTOL drones

UAV Radar AltimeterThe LR-D1 Pro is an advanced version of our LR-D1 altimeter platform, utilizing two antennas  (24GHz and 60 GHz) and sophisticated sensor fusion to provide centimeter-level altitude measurement precision for the most critical of applications.

The rugged sensor is built to withstand heavy-duty industrial conditions, and is highly suited to operations at high speed and with high levels of shock and vibration. It is ideal for larger VTOL drones and unmanned helicopters, and industrial and tactical applications requiring the utmost in precision. Available in UART, CAN, 422, and 232 interfaces for compatibility with any project

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Product comparison

Radar Altimeter for UAVsUS-D1 airborne radar altimeterLR-D1 UAV Radar AltimeterLR-D1 Pro
Frequency Band 24 GHz 24 GHz 24 GHz, 60 GHz
Bandwidth 190 MHz 250 MHz 250 MHz
Power Consumption 2W (at 5 Volts DC input) 11W <13W
Supply Voltage 5V~13V DC
(5.5V recommended)
10 – 30 V 10 – 30 V
Altitude Range 0.5m – 50m 0.7m – 500m 0.30m – 500m
Altitude Precision 6.0cm (< 1m), 4.0cm (> 1m) 0.365m 0.075m (<5m), 0.364m (>5m)
Update Rate 100 Hz 40 Hz 40 Hz
Field of View ­43 ° x 30 ° 43° Azimuth 30° Elevation 43° Azimuth 30° Elevation
Operational Temperature Range -20 °C ~ 65 °C* -40°C ~ +60°C -40°C – 70°C
Size 108mm x 79mm x 20mm 112mm x 102.5mm x 29mm 148mm x 134mm x 35mm
Weight 110g 300g 634g
Environmental Conditions IP67 (with sealant) IP67 IP67
Interface UART, CAN RS-232, RS-422 CAN, RS-232, RS-422

Imaging & Detection Radar for Self-Driving & Autonomous Vehicles


Imaging radar for autonomous vehicles

Autonomous Vehicle Imaging RadarThe O-79 is a compact imaging radar that offers LiDAR-like image quality and excellent accuracy, providing superior obstacle identification and avoidance capabilities for autonomous and self-driving vehicles such as lawn mowers, street sweepers and construction equipment.

Delivering consistent performance no matter the weather or lighting conditions, the O-79 enables accurate target classification and is capable of distinguishing between vehicles and pedestrians.

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Short-range safety radar for autonomous vehicles

Safety Radar for autonomous vehiclesThe T-79 is a high-resolution automotive safety radar designed to provide short-range situational awareness that enhances safety for semi- and fully-autonomous vehicles. Built on RF-CMOS IC technology, it features ultra-low power consumption at a low unit cost.

Multiple sensors can be configured together to provide high-resolution 360° detection under all weather and lighting conditions, enabling advanced applications such as parking assistance, lane change assistance and cyclist and pedestrian detection.

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UAV Altitude Sensing with Radar

Recon & Surveillance
The LR-D1 Pro radar altimeter provides high-precision, real-time altitude readouts for tactical VTOL drones conducting ISR missions, enabling safe and efficient takeoff and landing transitions.

Radar Altimeter for Commercial Drones

Surveying & Mapping
The LR-D1 is ideal for supporting professional geophysical surveyors using fixed-wing or multirotor drones to gather data in harsh environments. It provides reliable accuracy over varying terrain and all types of environment including water.

Drone Radar Altimeter

Precision Agriculture & Crop Management
The US-D1 radar altimeter was specifically designed with crop spraying applications in mind, allowing precision agriculture drones to follow terrain precisely even under challenging environmental and weather conditions.

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