Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones: Accessible, Scalable and Reliable

Autonomous Crop Spraying: Precision With Altimetry & Terrain-Following

Ainstein has released an article outlining the use of its US-D1 altimeter in crop-spraying drones, including its benefits, ideal uses, and how it works on UAVs and agrodrones Feature Article by Ainstein
Autonomous Crop Spraying: Precision With Altimetry & Terrain-Following
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The US-D1 radar altimeter from Ainstein was specifically developed to be the standard in a wide range of UAV applications, particularly in the spraying drone industry within the agricultural technology sector. Read more >>

Ainstein is a leading company producing mmWave radar, deploying their innovative technology in more than 40 countries. In the full article, they go on to outline:

  • Key Benefits of US-D1 for Agricultural Drones
  • Who the US-D1 is Ideal for
  • Why Use a Radar Altimeter?
  • How the US-D1 Works on Your UAV

Ainstein’s US-D1 has been proven in practice through agricultural UAV applications across the globe. Due to its radar-based design, the US-D1 remains unaffected by the liquid sprayed by agrodrones, thus reportedly becoming the radar altimeter standard in crop spraying applications.

Read the full article, or visit the Aintein website to find out more. 

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