Radar Sensors for UAVs and Drones: Accessible, Scalable and Reliable

Precision Radar Altimeter for Long-Range UAV & Target Drones

Ainstein has released an article discussing the benefits of its LR-D1 Pro radar altimeter, detailing how it integrates with UAVs, who it’s ideal for, and the overall reasons to use a radar altimeter Feature Article by Ainstein
Precision Radar Altimeter for Long-Range UAV & Target Drones
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The LR-D1 Pro from Ainstein is currently the company’s most high-performance radar altimeter, designed to provide precision in altitude and velocity measurements for up to 500 m. Read more >>

By employing a unique system of 60 GHz antenna at low altitudes, and a 24 GHz antenna at high altitudes, this altimeter can handle flights and maneuvers both close to the ground, or high up in the air. In the full article, the company go on to outline:

  • Key Benefits of the LR-D1 Pro for Aerial Targets
  • Who the LR-D1 Pro is Ideal for
  • Why Use a Radar Altimeter?
  • How the LR-D1 Pro Works on Your UAV

The radar provides exceptional accuracy and consistent performance, regardless of the terrain or environmental condition. Ainstein states that its users have had great success with this radar when utilized in high-speed target drone fleets and tactical UAV applications.

Read the full article, or visit Ainstein’s website to find out more.

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