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Counter UAS Solutions: Drone Detection Systems & Drone Signal Jammers

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IXI Electronic Warfare
Counter UAS Solutions: Drone Detection Systems & Drone Signal Jammers
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IXI Electronic Warfare is a leading developer of proven counter-UAS (unmanned aerial systems) solutions for military and civilian security applications. Our drone detectors and signal jammers are designed to defeat the most modern of threats, and are ideal for first responders, perimeter and critical infrastructure protection, forward operating bases, and more.

counter drone systems

Our easy-to-use counter-drone solutions require minimal training and can be rapidly set up and deployed in the field. The scaleable systems can be operated as standalone units or integrated into multi-layered drone threat detection and defense systems.

Drone Detection Systems

CADENCE – Drone Detection System

Compact & lightweight drone detector for fixed installations

CADENCEdrone detection system is a low-SWaP drone detection device that targets RF signals on the 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies. The networked sensor provides information on communication protocols and make of the potential drone threat, and multiple units can work together to determine the location of the drone or pilot.

The portable and easy-to-install unit can be integrated into existing C2 systems, and is ideal for fixed installations such as prisons, military bases, and critical infrastructure.

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CADENCE Lite – Wearable Drone Detector

Early warning drone detection system

CADENCE Litewearable drone detector is a wearable drone detector that autonomously and continuously scans for control and video signals on the 2.4GHz, 5.2GHz and 5.8GHz frequencies, providing early warning of threats based on commercial drone models.

The rugged unit is easy to attach to a uniform or backpack or under a jacket, and includes an internal battery with a capacity of up to 7 hours.

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CADENCE XL – Drone Detection Device

360-degree protection for portable & fixed-site applications

CADENCE XLDrone Detection device is a drone detection device that provides 360-degree protection, identifying both the direction of the threat and the drone manufacturer. The versatile system can be set up in minutes and is highly suited to both on-the-move applications and fixed installations.

Multiple CADENCE XL units can be linked together to triangulate drone threats over larger areas.

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Anti Drone Jamming Systems

DRONEKILLER – Handheld Drone Jammer

Drone signal jammer for security and military forces

dronekiller handheld portable drone jammerDRONEKILLER is a man-portable drone jammer that disrupts C2 and GPS links, protecting against all threats based on commercial drones. Weighing less than 10 lbs, the easy-to-use system has an effective range of up to 1km.

DRONEKILLER is ideal for security response teams, ground forces personnel and mobile units. The system features SDR technology that allows it to be easily upgraded in the field without the need for costly hardware updates.

Video: “How the Drone Killer Works” – NBC 4 Los Angeles, April 2018

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DUET – Portable Drone Jammer

Lightweight, wearable smart drone jamming system

DUETduet anti drone jammer is a wearable anti-drone jamming system that protects against threats based on commercial drone models. With both manual and autonomous modes of operation, it has an effective range of up to 1km.

The portable, ruggedized unit receives regular software updates, allowing it to provide up-to-date protection against the latest drone threats.

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DUET XL – Drone Signal Jammer

UAV jammer for military vehicles and harsh environments

DUET XLUAV Jammer is a smart drone frequency jammer that actively disrupts the control signals between aircraft and control stations. The ruggedized unit is designed to withstand the high shock and vibration levels of military vehicles, as well as dust, salt spray and solar radiation.

The anti-drone jamming system can be easily integrated with our drone detectors, forming a combined system that automatically defeats drone threats as soon as they are detected.

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Music ON – Drone Mitigation Sytem

Long-range drone detection and disruption

Music ONDrone Mitigation system is a drone threat detection and mitigation system that provides an early warning capability and allows tactical teams to prepare timely and appropriate responses. The computer-controlled system uses an omni-directional antenna array and detects specific UAS signatures as well as disrupting C2, video and GNSS signals.

The system can identify the drone type, position relative to the Music ON operator, range to the drone, and range to the pilot. Data can be delivered via an intuitive mobile application or through existing ATAK interfaces.

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