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Textron Systems’ Imagery & Data Analysis is a leading developer of data analysis and image processing software for geospatial intelligence. Our solutions provide analysts with the ability to integrate and analyze multiple data sources, such as aerial imagery and video captured by UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Our geospatial analysis products are used by national agencies, local governments and militaries worldwide to provide enhanced situational awareness and actionable intelligence.

Optice™ – Geospatial analysis software

Real-time visualization and exploitation tool to enhance interactions with FMV & other data sources

Optice – Geospatial analysis software

Optice™ is a user-friendly real-time visualization and exploitation tool purpose-built to enhance interactions with full motion video as well as other data sources. Optice delivers a series of advanced capabilities that enrich the data and help shorten the time from data acquisition to action. Optice allows your operators and analysts to focus on all operational support functions within one simple tool. There is no back-end system required, allowing you to increase capabilities while reducing costs.

Optice can integrate with any video capturing product such as unmanned and traditional aviation systems including drones, camera systems, security and surveillance systems and body cameras. This tool allows users to find, identify and assign attributes to any visible object in real-time. Optice creates custom data layers to visualize data sourced from different locations or sensors. Interact with live or historical data for real-time or forensic analysis. Create custom reports or generate an activity-based report for analysis. Optice can be integrated with existing GIS systems.


First Responders, Energy, Utilities and Environmental

  • Search and rescue
  • Incident response
  • Critical infrastructure assessment
  • Oil and gas monitoring
  • Pro-active maintenance and repair activities
  • Facility security and monitoring
  • Pre and post natural disaster monitoring

Defense, Intelligence and National Security

  • ISR operations
  • Counter terrorism
  • Border and force protection
  • Creation and delivery of intel products
  • FEMA and natural disaster response
  • Counter narcotics & smuggling interdiction

System Requirements

  • Windows® 10
  • Nvidia® GPU (6GB+ memory)
  • 16GB of system RAM (24+ recommended)

SeeGEO™ – Geospatial analysis software

Geospatial analysis software delivering real-time data exploitation and collaboration tools

Geospatial data analysis software

SeeGEO™ is a web-enabled platform with an architecture purpose built to solve problems across the spatial-temporal spectrum. Providing support for multi-modal data SeeGEO delivers a sophisticated toolset for exploitation packaged in a highly collaborative environment. With its user first design approach SeeGEO provides an experience that is unmatched in the industry that is coupled with best in class tools for visualizing and interacting with geospatial imagery and video.

User-generated workspaces and multi-user sharing allow efficient collaboration with features such as live editing, real-time chat, commenting and notifications. Workflow management functionality includes analyst tasking, reporting, and team management. SeeGEO provides intuitive unified search, discovery and cataloging of imagery, video and data from a variety of sources, including commercial imagery providers and live UAS camera feeds. Both live stream data from manned and unmanned assets as well as archived imagery and FMV data can be searched, visualized, exploited, and shared.

SeeGEO is fully platform-agnostic, providing compatibility with browsers on desktops, laptops or mobile devices.

SeeGEO™ is available in a variety of specialized deployment options, providing solutions for a range of mission requirements and dynamic environments:

SeeGEO Embedded

  • Designed for the tactical edge
  • Direct collection and interaction with UAS platforms
  • Real-time access
  • Enhanced situational awareness

SeeGEO Pathfinder

  • Purpose built for operation centers and onsite deployments
  • Expanded support for larger data collection and platform interactions
  • Enhanced collaboration tools for expanded mission support (chat, watch-boxes and workspaces)
  • Sophisticated tools for data sharing and exploitation

SeeGEO Enterprise

  • Cloud ready and designed to scale
  • Ability to process and disseminate big data sets across an enterprise
  • Built on industry and community standards enabling data sharing and interoperability
  • Extensible platform with a built-in analytic framework to deploy custom algorithms
  • Scalable analytics leveraging AI/ML

RemoteView™ Pro – Data analysis software

Geospatial data analysis software for intelligence and mission planning

Geospatial data analysis software

RemoteView™ Pro is our flagship imagery exploitation and analysis solution that provides state-of-the-art tools for high-performance mission planning and operational support. As the geospatial intelligence solution of choice, RemoteView has a long history of success across a broad range of users within the U.S. intelligence community, Department of Defense, and across analysis directorates in 27 countries.

Featuring cloud access and a streamlined, intuitive customizable user interface, RemoteView Pro provides a suite of capabilities for analysts, including multi-image analysis, terrain analysis and data conversion. The software can display and fully support data from hundreds of sensors including RGB and multispectral images, video, LiDAR and SAR data, as well as elevation information.

RemoteView™ Pro can be extended with a number of optional add-on modules to provide further powerful capabilities:

RVSAR™ – Allows users to enhance the clarity of synthetic aperture radar (SAR) imagery, with different filters that can be applied either on a single page or to multiple polarization images.

3D Pro™ – Allows analysts to incorporate the latest satellite and tactical imagery in near real-time to create mission scenarios with buildings, utility lines, vegetation and other features in 3D.

RVCloud™ – Provides a cloud-based streamlined version of RemoteView with an essential set of features for viewing and analyzing imagery in a user-friendly web application.

Virtual Mosaic™ – Streamlines the process of building terabyte-sized mosaics from numerous input images, with no preprocessing or conversion steps required.

GeoCatalog™ – On-demand access to and analysis of vast geospatial data resources for quick retrieval and overviews of imagery and FMV libraries to help expedite the PED process via a user-friendly web interface.