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High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles

Bynav Technology
High-Precision RTK GNSS Receivers & GNSS+INS Combined Navigation for Drones & Autonomous Vehicles
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Bynav is a leading specialist developer of high-precision positioning and navigation technologies for drones, robotics and unmanned systems. Our products, including high precision GNSS SoC, positioning modules, GNSS receivers and combined navigation systems, are used worldwide for a wide range of applications, including mapping and surveying, UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) data acquisition, automated transportation, self-driving vehicles, and more.

Our expert in-house R&D team includes six PhD holders with extensive technical expertise in high-precision satellite positioning, multi-source fusion positioning and related fields, and has achieved more than 40 national invention patents.

RTK GNSS Positioning TechnologyOur certifications include:

  • ISO26262 functional safety
  • ISO21434 automotive network security management system
  • IATF16949 quality system
  • ASPICE certification
  • AEC-Q series: AEC -Q 100 and AEC -Q 104
  • CE, FCC, and RoHS

High-Accuracy RTK GNSS Positioning & Navigation Systems

RTK GNSS Receivers

Alice GNSS SoC

High-precision automotive-grade GNSS system-on-chip

GNSS system-on-chip SoCAlice is a full-constellation, full-frequency GNSS SoC featuring built-in RTK positioning and a tightly-coupled GNSS-INS navigation engine, with support for a variety of external inertial sensors.

The advanced automotive-grade system-on-chip has a footprint of just 6 x 8 mm, and includes excellent multipath suppression and vector tracking for enhanced anti-jamming and anti-spoofing performance.

Learn more: Alice GNSS System-on-Chip (SoC)

M20 GNSS Module

High-performance GNSS module with NRTK/PPP/PPP-RTK capabilities

GNSS ModuleThe M20 is a high-performance NRTK/PPP/PPP-RTK GNSS positioning module based on our automotive-grade Alice SoC. The low-SWaP (size, weight and power) module is designed to deal with challenging operating conditions such as signal interference and outages and urban canyons.

The full-constellation, full-frequency GNSS module is ASIL B-rated and is ideal for self-driving vehicles, ADAS, mapping and surveying drones, and other robotics applications.

The M20 GNSS receiver module is available in a dual-antenna variant for high-precision attitude determination.

Learn more: M20 GNSS Module

M21/22 GNSS-INS Module

GNSS-inertial module with high-accuracy dead reckoning

GNSS ModuleThe M21 and M22 modules tightly couple a high-performance automotive-grade GNSS SoC with a fully temperature-calibrated precision IMU for enhanced positioning accuracy even in GNSS-denied environments such as urban canyons and satellite outages. Supporting NRTK, PPP and PPP-RTK, the low-SWaP modules are ideal for drones, robotics, self-driving vehicles and ADAS.

The full-constellation, full-frequency modules are ASIL B-rated and feature advanced anti-jamming capabilities. The M21 is available in a dual-antenna variant for high-precision attitude determination.

Learn more: M21/22 GNSS-INS Modules

C1 GNSS Receiver

OEM single- and dual-antenna GNSS receiver boards

GNSS Receiver BoardThe C1 family of OEM GPS and GNSS receiver boards provides high-precision heading and RTK positioning capabilities. Covering all constellations, with eight-frequency or full-frequency options, the C1 range features both single- and dual-antenna models.

The lightweight, compact boards provide enhanced multipath mitigation, anti-interference and anti-blockage performance, and can be deeply coupled with an external inertial navigation system. Communication options include serial, CAN and Ethernet.

Learn more: C1 GNSS Receiver Board

X36D Receiver Unit

RTK-capable GNSS/INS unit for in-vehicle applicationsGNSS-INS unit

The X36D receiver is a high-precision GNSS receiver unit featuring dual-antenna RTK capabilities and a built-in tightly-coupled IMU for enhanced positioning accuracy. Optimized for in-vehicle applications, it excels under highly demanding conditions such as in tunnels, urban canyons, and during satellite signal outages.

The lightweight and compact unit is ASIL B-rated for safety-critical automotive applications, and provides Ethernet, serial port, CAN/CAN FD, and PPS interfaces. It can be interfaced with other sensors such as LiDAR and SLAM systems.

Learn more: X36D Integrated GNSS/INS unit


GNSS-inertial system for high-accuracy position, velocity, and orientation data

GNSS-INS receiverThe X1 is a cutting-edge positioning and orientation system that combines a dual-antenna RTK-capable GNSS receiver with a tactical IMU, providing high-accuracy low-latency position, velocity, and attitude data for autonomous driving, ADAS and mobile mapping applications.

The all-constellation and multi-frequency unit provides plug-and-play compatibility with a wide range of vehicle platforms.

With a range of connection options including serial, CAN and Ethernet, the X1 allows easy integration of external sensors such as LiDAR scanners, cameras and odometers.

Learn more: X1 GNSS/INS Receiver

T1 GNSS Enclosure

Rugged enclosure with RTK GNSS receiver

rugged gnss enclosureThe T1 is a rugged GNSS enclosure based on the RTK-capable C1 board, designed to deliver full-constellation and multi-frequency RTK positioning and dual-antenna heading. With a lightweight aluminium alloy construction, the unit is ideal for demanding drone and robotics applications such as surveying, mapping, precision agriculture, and autonomous driving.

The enclosure provides a wide voltage input with overcurrent and reverse polarity protection, and includes two RS232 serial ports and one RJ45 Ethernet port. An onboard SD card can be used to back up data.

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Alita GNSS Chipset

High-precision GNSS baseband ASICAlita GNSS Baseband ASIC Chipset

Based on advanced FPGA technology, the Alita GNSS chipset can track up to 72 satellites simultaneously, supporting the full range of constellations and frequencies. With a synchronized accuracy of 20 ns, Alita can be seamlessly integrated with other sensors such as LiDAR scanners, external INS and cameras.

The system’s multipath suppression technologies make it ideal for integration into robotic systems operating in urban environments and built-up areas, and signal quality and tracking loop performance can be monitored in real time. Thanks to state-of-the-art tracking, Alita also provides excellent anti-jamming and anti-spoofing performance.

Learn more: Alita GNSS Chipset

Ripley GNSS Chipset

High-precision broadband GNSS chipset

Ripley RF ASIC ChipsetRipley is a 3-channel high precision broadband GNSS chipset, with each separately configurable channel integrating an RF frontend, IF filter, automatic gain control and ADC. It can simultaneously receive multi-frequency signals from all constellations, with a sampling rate of up to 120 MHz.

The system is highly configurable, with programmable low-pass filter bandwidth from 4 to 40 MHz and supporting either analogue or digital output.

Learn more: Ripley GNSS Chipset

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