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Precision Positioning for Autonomous Driving

Bynav's X1 GNSS/INS receiver has provided high-precision positioning for the BrightDrive autonomous driving team which took second place in the Dubai Autonomous Driving Competition By Sarah Simpson / 26 Feb 2024
Precision Positioning for Autonomous Driving Competition
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The Dubai Autonomous Driving Competition is known for its rigorous selection process, and recently Brightdrive, a Bynav Technology customer, has won second place in the third Dubai Autonomous Driving Competition, meeting these challenges with exceptional expertise.

One of the keys to BrightDrive’s success is the ability to overcome a range of challenging test cases. The self-driving bus demonstrated its precision and flexibility by flawlessly maneuvering through narrow passages. It demonstrates unparalleled perception, even in the harshest weather conditions such as sandy environments, effortlessly stopping at traffic lights and letting pedestrians pass, in which bynav X1 played a key role.

The cooperation between Bynav and Brightskies started in 2020, and the X1 has been widely and perfectly used in Brightskies powerful autonomous systems ever since.

Bynav X1 is specifically developed based on the land vehicle INS model to tackle various complex urban enviroments. It incorporates deep-coupled algorithms, providing high Dead Reckoning (DR) accuracy with wheel speed fusion, along with automotive-grade hardware quality.

X1 offers high-precision and low-latency PVA data for applications such as:

  • Autonomous driving
  • ADAS (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems)
  • Mobile mapping

Bynav also offers low SWaP(size, weight and power) GNSS module M20 and GNSS/INS module M21/M22, which is coupled with a high-performance automotive-grade GNSS SoC and a fully temperature-calibrated precision IMU for enhanced positioning accuracy even in GNSS-denied environments such as urban canyons and satellite outages.

With triple-band L1/L2/L5 and strong anti-jamming ability, the M2 module delivers high reliability and cost-effectiveness for automotive OEMs and can be seamlessly integrated into the domain controller or intelligent driving systems of Tier 1 customers.

Bynav focuses on developing high-precision positioning GNSS chips, GNSS/INS modules and boxes. These products have been mass applied in numerous projects worldwide such as the L4 robotaxi, autonomous buses, port automation AGVs, autonomous mining machines, and more.

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