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High-Precision GNSS Antennas for Position, Navigation & Timing in Drones, Robots & Autonomous Vehicles

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High-Precision GNSS Antennas for Position, Navigation & Timing in Drones, Robots & Autonomous Vehicles
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Calian GNSS Ltd is a leading developer and manufacturer of high-performance GNSS antenna solutions for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and robotics. Our cutting-edge antenna products are trusted by a range of unmanned systems and PNT (position, navigation and timing) industry leaders, including u-blox, Trimble, Septentrio and VectorNav.

Smart GNSS Antennas

Integrated GNSS antenna/receiver systems for Positioning, Navigation & Timing

Smart GNSS Antennas

Calian GNSS Smart Antennas combine our cutting-edge antenna technology with integrated high-precision GNSS receivers, Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs), application processors and diverse digital interfaces to deliver flexible solutions that fit a broad swath of applications, from drones to smart agriculture to autonomous vehicles to subsidence sensors and even survey applications.

Cost competitive single band solutions provide excellent solutions for telematics and timing, and include IMUs to assist in satellite obstructed “deep urban canyon” scenarios or even 100% satellite obstructed situations such as parkades.

Ublox Thingstream Design partnerDual-band high precision solutions incorporate advanced high precision GNSS receivers from partners such as u-blox, delivering the cm level precision required for autonomous driving applications and sensitive subsidence applications.

Base or Rover RTK capability, or u-blox PointPerfect PPP-RTK services combined with IMU’s, application processors and digital interfaces such as RS-232 or RS-422, transform GNSS challenges into a plug and play Positioning, Navigation and Timing resource, enabling you to focus on your application rather than the difficult problem of GNSS signal reception.

Get started on your application quickly by verifying performance with one of our Software Development Kits, which include Smart Antenna, TruPrecision evaluation/configuration software and bundle a 60 day trial of u-blox PointPerfect PPP-RTK service (where applicable).

multi-constellation smart GNSS antennaTW5354
Through-hole multi-constellation smart GNSS antenna

smart GNSS antennaTW5390C
Through-hole smart GNSS antenna for CLAS precise positioning

Smart GNSS Antenna for Precise PositioningTW5790
Surface-mount multi-frequency & L-band smart GNSS antenna

smart GNSS antennaTW5390
Through-hole dual-band & L-band UDR smart GNSS antenna

Multi-Constellation Smart GNSS AntennaTW5362
Surface-mount single-frequency UDR smart GNSS antenna

Smart GNSS Timing AntennaTW5350/TW5351
Surface-mount/direct-screw single-frequency GNSS antenna for precision timing

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Helical Technology

Advanced helical antennas for low-SWaP PPP/RTK applications

Calian Helical Antennas

Calian’s helical antennas are designed for SWaP (size, weight and power)-critical and high-performance applications such as UAVs. A precision-tuned helix antenna element delivers excellent gain and axial ratio over all elevation and azimuth angles, significantly minimizing multipath. Low-noise amplifiers (LNAs) with integrated low-loss pre-filters ensure high signal-to-noise ratios and excellent interference mitigation.

Being very light weight, and performing well without a ground plane, Calian’s helical antennas are ideal for UAV, unmanned systems precise point positioning (PPP), and real-time kinematic (RTK) applications.

The Helical antenna family features:

  • Ultra-light weights ranging from 4 to 42 g
  • Broad GNSS band coverages, including single, dual, triple, and full band options, with L-band correction service offerings
  • Embedded versions and robust military-grade IP67-compliant plastic enclosed variants
  • Certified Iridium options

Single-band helical antennaHC600
Passive Iridium helical antenna for UAVs

Single-band helical antennaHC771
Single-band helical antenna for GPS/GLONASS/ Galileo/Beidou

HC871 Dual-Band Helical AntennaHC871
Dual-band helical antenna for GPS/GLONASS/ Galileo/Beidou/QZSS

HC871 Dual-Band Helical AntennaHC871SXF
Dual-band extended-filter helical antenna for GPS/ GLONASS/Galileo/ Beidou/QZSS

Embedded Triple-Band Helical AntennaHC600E
Lightweight embedded passive Iridium helical antenna for UAVs

Embedded Triple-Band Helical AntennaHC871E
Embedded dual-band helical antenna for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou/QZSS

triple-band Helical GNSS antennaHC977XF
Helical triple-band antenna for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou/ QZSS/NavIC & L-band

Embedded Triple-Band Helical AntennaHC977EXF
Embedded triple-band antenna for GPS/GLONASS/Galileo/Beidou & L-band

HC990EXF xf antennaHC990EXF
Embedded extended-filter helical antenna for all bands & L-band corrections

extended filter antennaHC990XF
Low-profile extended-filter helical antenna for all bands & L-band corrections

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VeroStar™ Technology

Multi-GNSS & L-band antennas with exceptional low-elevation tracking

Multi-GNSS & L-band antennas

VeroStar™ antennas are designed to receive all GNSS signals as well as L-band correction services, supporting demanding and advanced applications for aerial, ground and marine robotics and autonomous vehicles.

Featuring a unique design with crossed-driven dipoles that are fed in quadrature and coupled to wideband radiating elements, VeroStar™ technology is ideal for RTK and PPP applications, delivering excellent low-elevation tracking, low axial ratio, and stable phase center.

VeroStar™ features include:

  • Excellent radiating pattern with low roll off for exceptional tracking of low`-elevation GNSS and L-band signals
  • High radiating efficiency for optimized signal-to-noise ratio
  • Extremely stable phase centre variation (±2 mm)
  • Excellent axial ratio for improved multipath rejection
  • Innovative low-noise amplifier with superior out-of-band filtering
  • Waterproof compact and IP69K-rated design

Low-Profile Extended Filter GNSS AntennaSSL990XF
Low-profile full-band VeroStar GNSS antenna with extended filter

Full GNSS Precision AntennaVSP6000P
Full GNSS VeroStar antenna with L-band capabilities

Marine Triple-Band Precision AntennaVSP6337L-MAR
Triple-band marine VeroStar GNSS antenna with L-band capabilities

Embedded Full GNSS Precision AntennaVSM6028L
Embedded full-GNSS VeroStar antenna with L-band capabilities

Triple-band Precision AntennaVSM6328L
Embedded triple-band VeroStar GNSS antenna with L-band capabilities

Surface mount full GNSS antennaVSS6037L
Surface-mount full-GNSS VeroStar antenna with L-band capabilities

Anti-Jam Technology

Robust single-band anti-jamming antennas

single-band anti jamming antennas

Calian’s single-band (L1/G1/E1/B1) Accutenna anti-jamming technology modifies the antenna radiation pattern so that jammer signals arriving from an elevation angle of +15 to -10 degrees above and below the horizon are blocked. In addition, antenna gain is slightly increased at high elevation angles.

The robust anti-jamming antennas can mitigate ground- or near ground-based jamming signals that can saturate the antenna’s Low Noise Amplifier (LNA) and prevent legitimate satellite signals from being passed to the GNSS receiver.

Triple Band AntiJam GNSS AntennaAJ977XF
Through-hole mount triple-band anti-jamming GNSS antenna

Single-Band Anti-Jam GNSS AntennaTW3742AJ
Single-band anti-jamming Accutenna GNSS antenna with 40 dB gain

Anti Jamming GNSS AntennaTW3752AJ
Single-band anti-jamming Accutenna GNSS antenna with 50 dB gain

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eXtended Filtering (XF) Technology

Enhanced filtering to mitigate RF congestion

eXtended Filtering Technology

Our eXtended Filtering (XF) technology is designed to provide the cleanest possible GNSS and L-band corrections signals, mitigating interference from sources such as LTE and 5G, Iridium, Globalstar, and Inmarsat.eXtended Filter GNSS Antenna

Calian eXtended Filter GNSS antennas feature high-linearity front-end amplifiers with additional pre-filters for each frequency band right at the antenna element feed, integrated with the diplexer for dual/triple-band antennas and with additional in-line filters.

XF filter technology is currently available in the TW3000 family, and will soon be available on all of Calian’s product lines.

tallysman gnss antennas

GNSS Antenna Products

To get started with finding the right antenna for your application, use our easy three-step selection guide that narrows down the suitable options for your specific needs.


GNSS Antennas for UAVs and Drones

GNSS Antennas for UAVs & Drones

Calian’s high performance multi-constellation and multi-frequency antennas are designed with optimized SWaP (size, weight and power) footprints, making them ideal for both fixed-wing and rotary UAVs.

Our GNSS antennas have been used to provide precise positioning for a wide range of applications, including mapping and surveying, infrastructure inspection, and cargo delivery.

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GNSS Antennas for Autonomous Vehicles, UGVs & USVs

GNSS Antennas for Autonomous Vehicles, UGVs & USVs

Our cutting-edge GNSS antennas deliver the positioning accuracy and precision required for advanced autonomous vehicles operating both on land and at sea, with excellent multi-path rejection for superior performance in extremely challenging environments.

Use cases include autonomous delivery, self-driving vehicles, uncrewed marine survey vessels, and more.

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