Embedded Full-Band GNSS Helical Antenna Released

By Phoebe Grinter / 19 Aug 2021
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Tallysman Wireless Inc. has announced the addition of its first full-band GNSS antenna to its industry-leading line of helical antennas.

The HC990E is designed and built for high-accuracy positioning. At just 60 mm wide, 25 mm tall, and weighing only 12 g, it is designed for a wide variety of applications, including lightweight Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) navigation. 

The embedded helical antenna is designed for precise positioning, covering the following frequency bands:

  • GPS/QZSS-L1/L2/L5
  • QZSS-L6
  • GLONASS-G1/G2/G3
  • Galileo-E1/E5a/E5b/E6
  • BeiDou-B1/B2/B2a/B3

As well as NavIC-L5 frequency bands, including the Satellite-Based Augmentation System (SBAS) available in the region of operation [WAAS (North America), EGNOS (Europe), MSAS (Japan), or GAGAN(India)], as well as L-band correction services. 

The full-band GNSS HC990E features a precision-tuned helical element that provides an excellent axial ratio and operates without the requirement of a ground plane. The HC990E also features a low-current, low-noise amplifier and pre-filter to prevent harmonic interference from high-amplitude signals, such as 700 MHz band LTE and other nearby in-band cellular signals. 

The antenna base has a flying lead with a UFL connector. To facilitate the installation, Tallysman provides an optional embedded helical mounting ring, which traps the outer edge of the antenna circuit board to the host circuit board or any flat surface. Tallysman also supports the installation and integration of embedded helical antennas to enable successful implementation and provide optimal antenna performance. 

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