All-Weather Electric Quadcopters & Unmanned Aircraft - High Wind Resistant & Weatherproof UAVs

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All-Weather Electric Quadcopters & Unmanned Aircraft - High Wind Resistant & Weatherproof UAVs
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WaveAerospace is a leading developer of advanced autonomous UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) platforms for all-weather drone operations. Our durable aircraft excel under harsh life-threatening conditions, able to deliver crucial situational awareness when no-one else can.

Built in the United States to military specifications, our VTOL quadcopters provide unmatched performance on land or at sea, flying in high winds of over 30 knots and capable of withstanding Force 10 ocean conditions.

high wind drones

Falcon II LE – Electric Quadcopter

All-weather drone for law enforcement & emergency services

The Falcon II LE is an all-electric quadcopter drone that has been purpose-built to serve the needs of law enforcement and emergency services.

All Weather Drone for law enforcement

Able to operate in high winds, rain, or snow, the aircraft can fly for up to 60 minutes and can be equipped with a variety of payloads and sensors.

The wind-resistant drone features an onboard optical recognition capability, and is fitted with FAA-approved night lighting and switchable red and blue police strobe lights. It is ideal for undertaking a wide range of critical missions, including long-duration surveillance, search and rescue, marine operations, and BVLOS flights.

Electric quadcopter variants

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Nyx – Tactical UAS

Electric quadcopter for ISR, RIF & dark drone missions

The Nyx is a high-stealth UAV platform designed for ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance), RIF (reconnaissance-in-force), and other dark drone operations. It can fly autonomously either with or without real-time communications, and is capable of operating in complete darkness and radio silence.

dark drone

The RF- and magnetically-shielded aircraft features a low radar cross-section and is HALO-drop enabled.

With an all-weather, wind-resistant construction it can undertake critical tactical missions of up to 60 minutes, withstanding conditions that other drone platforms cannot.

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Huntress – All Weather Drone

Versatile wind-resistant drone

Wind Resistant Drone

The Huntress is a versatile all-electric multi-mission quadcopter that is ideal for a wide range of land-based, marine and maritime operations. Able to withstand high winds and extreme weather conditions, it can be launched from the deck of a ship in Force 10 conditions.

With a flight endurance of up to 60 minutes, the payload-agnostic platform can be equipped for a variety of different mission profiles, including on-demand logistics, tactical communications relay, all-weather reconnaissance, and BVLOS operations.

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Huntress II – Hybrid Electric VTOL Drone

Hybrid electric turbojet drone platform with heavy payload capacity

The Huntress II is a unique turbojet hybrid electric drone powered by a state-of-the-art hybrid fuel-electric propulsion system. With a maximum speed of 300 mph and a payload capacity of 50 kg, it can fly for up to 2 hours and carry out critical missions in the most challenging of weather conditions.

Hybrid Electric Drone

The tactical VTOL UAV can be air- or ground-launched, and is capable of going from cold start to takeoff in just 90 seconds. The innovative design overcomes the limitations of both fixed-wing and rotary UAVs, and allows the platform to maintain high efficiency and stability during high-speed forward flight as well as while loitering.

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Spotlight for Drones

66,000 lumen UAV search light

Spotlight for Drones

Our high-powered LED drone spotlight is ideal for critical search and rescue missions, providing critical visibility in the harshest of weather conditions. Providing compatibility with infrared imaging systems, the 66,000 lumen searchlight has been designed with SWaP (size, weight and power) efficiency in mind, weighing less than 1.1 lbs with a footprint of 4 x 4.5 x 4 inches.

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Mesh Rider Communications System

Multiband communications system with secure private networking

Our Mesh Rider Communications System provides continuous transmission of real-time telemetry and streaming HD video for up to 250 UAVs and other nodes such as ground control stations.

The system establishes a private mesh network over distances of up to 110 kilometers, and can seamlessly reroute communications should a node be lost. Mesh Rider is compatible with US FCC licensed and unlicensed bands, using an encrypted FIPS 140-3 compliant link with cellular and LAN services.

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