AI-Based Optimization & Data Processing Software for Marine GIS Survey Data

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Teledyne CARIS is a leading developer of geospatial software for the marine GIS community, providing high-efficiency resource optimization and data processing solutions for mapping and surveying platforms such as autonomous underwater vehicles (AUVs) and unmanned surface vehicles (USVs).

Our Geographic Information System (GIS) software products have been selected worldwide by national marine mapping and charting agencies, survey companies, port and waterway authorities, oil and gas companies, and academic institutions.


Intelligent cloud-based data processing software

AI Driven Marine Software

CARIS Mira AI Intelligent cloud-based data processing softwareCARIS Mira AI is a state-of-the-art scalable cloud-based platform specifically engineered to host our current and future artificial intelligence (AI)-based software solutions. Based on Amazon Web Services (AWS), this robust environment requires no additional desktop hardware in order to benefit from powerful future-proof data processing services.

Safety and security are at the forefront of CARIS Mira AI’s operation, with all data sent to the platform being anonymized, randomized and encrypted before transmission. Following the AI classification process, data is then completely removed from the cloud.

How CARIS Mira AI works

Cloud-based hydrographic processing software platform

CARIS Mira AI leverages powerful advances in deep learning and machine learning to bring you high-performance data processing software that can be seamlessly integrated into your workflow. The platform handles limitless amounts of data across three dimensions, including one-dimensional time series, two-dimensional grids, and three-dimensional point clouds.

How CARIS Mira AI software works

CARIS Mira AI automatically pre- and post-processes data to transform it into high-resolution 3D voxel grids suitable for Deep Learning models, and back again. As an additional benefit, this process completely anonymizes the data, stripping all geospatial information during the voxelization process before transmission. Once the classified voxels are returned from the AI, CARIS Mira AI post-processes the data and maps the results back to individual points.

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Sonar Noise Classifier

AI-driven noise cleaning sonar software

Sonar Processing Software

The Sonar Noise Classifier is the first offering to leverage the power of CARIS Mira AI’s 3d point cloud processing and machine learning capabilities.

AI-driven sonar noise cleaning software

Modern hydrographic surveying platforms such as UUVs, AUVs and USVs, equipped with sophisticated multibeam sonars, side-scan sonars and other instruments, can collect thousands of samples per second.

Marine environments are inherently noisy, and manual cleaning of such large sets of survey data can be a lengthy, arduous process.

Taking advantage of the latest developments in Deep Learning for processing survey data and our work with some of the world’s largest hydrographic data producers, the Sonar Noise Classifier significantly reduces the need for manual cleaning. Trained to identify a wide variety of noise patterns from acoustic sensors, use of this solution reduces manual cleaning effort by a factor of up to 10x at an accuracy of 95%.

AI Data Processing Software

The Sonar Noise Classifier’s sophisticated algorithm assigns values for all soundings, representing the system’s level of confidence that the sounding is noise. Users can adjust the confidence threshold value to reject soundings as required. The Classifier’s Subset editor can be used to review noise classification values with intuitive visualizations coloured by confidence level.

AI-driven data noise cleaning software

The power of Teledyne CARIS’ AI-driven Sonar Noise Classifier survey data processing solution allows you to confidently and securely offload your data backlog to us. We can help you save your personnel and expertise for the tasks that a machine cannot do, and expedite the process of moving your data from acquisition to review.

The Sonar Noise Classifier service is available as a yearly or monthly subscription basis, providing a customized and scalable marine software solution to meet your processing needs.

AI-Based Optimization & Data Processing Software for Marine GIS Survey Data
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