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AlphaUni 20 LiDAR Solution Multi-platform LiDAR solution for mapping & geospatial applications
AlphaUni 20 LiDAR Solution

Multi-platform LiDAR solution for mapping & geospatial applications

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AlphaUni 20 LiDAR Solution

The AlphaUni 20 is an advanced LiDAR solution designed to suit both aerial and ground mobile mapping applications. Providing an ideal balance of point cloud density, accuracy, and quality, it delivers absolute accuracy of 2 to 5 cm even in highly challenging environments, and features long-range scanning capabilities of up to 1450 metres.

The versatile LiDAR scanner's advanced multi-target capability supports up to 16 target returns for advanced vegetation penetration, making it ideal for high-accuracy Digital Elevation Model (DEM) and Digital Surface Model (DSM) generation. It can be easily fixed to a variety of UAV platforms, as well as ground vehicles and USVs.

The rugged unit is IP64-rated, ensuring high reliability in the field even under harsh weather conditions.

Absolute Hz & V accuracy < 0.025 m RMS @ 30 m range < 0.050 m RMS @ 150 m range
Accuracy conditions Without control points, UAV survey with 7 m/s speed, car survey wihout DMI with 9.7 m/s speed
Mounting Multi-platform, quickly install & release design, easily switch between airborne, vehicle and backpack mode
SLAM AlphaPano vechicle installation platform which include panoramic camera and SLAM scanner integration for optimised position in challenging for trajectory environment
Weight of instrument 2.82 kg / 3.12 kg (with C5 camera) 10.97 kg AlphaPano vechicle platform
Dimensions of instrument 262.3 × 141.5 × 161 mm
Data storage 512 G (Optional for 1 T)
Coping speed 80 Mb/s
GNSS system Multiple GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, SBAS and QZSS constellation, L-Band
IMU update rate 600 Hz
Attitude accuracy after post-processing 0.005° RMS pitch/roll 0.010° RMS heading
Position accuracy after post-processing 0.010 m RMS horizontal 0.020 m RMS vertical
Operating temperature -20 °C to +50 °C
Storage temperature -20 °C to +65 °C
IP rating IP64
Humidity (operating) 80%, non-condensing
Imaging system UAV Resolution 45 MP
Focal length 21 mm / 35 mm
Sensor size 36 mm x 24 mm (8184 x 5460)
Pixel size 4.4 μm
Min photoing interval 1 s
FOV 81.2*59.5 / 53.4*37.8
Airborne optional camera setup Calibrated Sony 7 RIV (7952 x 5304, 61 MP, 10 fps)
AlphaPano Imaging system Camera type 360° Spherical camera, additional adjustable external cameras as option
Numbers of camera 6 sensors
CCD size 2048 × 2448, 3.45 μm pixel size
Lens 4.4 mm
Resolution 30 MP (5 MP × 6 sensors), 10 FPS JPEG compressed
Coverage 90% of full sphere
High Dynamic Range (HDR) Cycle 4 gain and exposure presets
Dimensions of AlphaPano 530 x 214.5 x 592 mm (With installed AU20)
Electrical Input voltage 24 V (Range 15 - 27 V)
Power consumption 60 W
Power source Depending on UAV battery. External battery in for car setup, also support direct vehicle power source
CoPre Intelligent Processing SW Data copy, POS process, Adjust & Refine, Generate point cloud
CoProcess Efficient Feature Extraction SW Terrain module, Road module, Volume module
Laser product classification 0.032°
Minimum range 1.5 m
Accuracy 15 mm (1σ,@ 150 m range) 5 mm (1σ,@ 30 m range)
Precision 5 mm (1σ,@ 150 m)
Multi-Period capability Up to 7 zones
Field of view 360°, selectable
Scanning mechanism rotating mirror
Max. effective measurement rate 2 000 000 meas./sec (depending on the mode)
Scan speed (selectable) 10 - 200 scans/sec
Return numbers Up to 16
Angular resolution 0.001°