Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor Drones - Parachute Pods for DJI Matrice

Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor Drones - Parachute Pods for DJI Matrice
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AVSS is a leading developer of parachute recovery systems and flight termination systems for commercial multirotor UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

Our innovative drone safety solutions allow UAS operators and manufacturers to unlock the next level of commercial drone applications, including BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) flights and operations over people.

Parachute Recovery Systems

Parachute Recovery Systems for Multirotor Drones

AVSS’ breakthrough parachute recovery systems (PRS) are based around easy-to-connect field-replaceable Parachute Pods. This unique system allows users to do away with complicated hardware integration as well as expensive and time-consuming parachute repacking.

Drone Parachute Recovery Systems

The ASTM F3322-18 compliant PRS feature advanced sensors that continuously monitor flight conditions in real time. Should a failure be detected, the parachute is deployed autonomously in less than half a second via a non-pyrotechnic mechanism. An independent remote control is also included to enable manual deployment.

Currently, we offer drone parachute recovery systems for the following DJI Mavic and Matrice models, with more under development:

  • DJI M3D & M3TD (DJI Dock 2)
  • Mavic 3 Enterprise & Thermal
  • M300
  • M350
  • M300 (EASA compliant)
  • M350 (EASA compliant)
  • M200 Series

Plug-and-play integration

Each PRS kit includes one Parachute Pod, as well as an electronics module that powers the pod and a flight termination system that interfaces with the drone.Drone Parachute Systems

A lightweight carbon fiber and aluminium mounting bracket allows all components to be securely attached without interfering with sensitive GPS modules, and enables other payloads to be attached in a variety of configurations.

Essential safety systems for advanced commercial drone missions

UAV Safety Solutions

Our PRS products have been developed through a number of design iterations and with substantial investment in rigorous engineering analysis and field testing. The result is a highly reliable system that protects your payload and aircraft while providing significant risk mitigation for commercial drone applications.

With our UAV parachute systems, you can satisfy the increasingly stringent safety requirements of civil aviation authorities, and fly BVLOS or over populated areas with complete peace of mind.


drone parachute technologyDrone Delivery
Our parachute recovery systems are ideal for delivery drone manufacturers and UAV delivery service providers, enabling low-risk last-mile operations that are trusted by customers and aviation authorities alike.

Drone Safety SolutionsPublic Safety & Security
PRS-equipped drones can undertake a wide variety of public safety operations, such as event security, search and rescue, and first responder callouts, without risking the well-being of bystanders.

Parachute Systems for Aerial InspectionIndustrial Inspection
Our mini parachute systems equip multirotor drones operating at industrial plants, energy facilities and other critical sites and infrastructure with essential safety capabilities, protecting both people and property against the effects of crashes and system failures.

Aerial Vehicle Safety SolutionsCustom Applications
AVSS parachute systems can be customized to fit a wide range of drone platforms, enabling OEMs and service providers to meet and exceed their clients’ requirements while complying with key aviation standards.

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