Small Autonomous Unmanned Helicopter UAV for Tactical Applications

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Unmanned VTOL helicopter

Steadicopter is a designer and manufacturer of state-of-the-art fully autonomous rotary unmanned aerial systems (UAS) for defense, homeland security and civil applications. Based on a proprietary flight control system, our unmanned helicopters are designed to be operated even by inexperienced pilots and are constructed to meet stringent military requirements.

We are ISO-9001/2015 certified, proving our commitment to the highest quality standards in development, manufacturing, marketing and sales. Our small tactical helicopter UAV platforms are authorized by the Civil Aviation Authority of Israel (CAAI) for operation in Israel’s civil airspace, and are all IP67-certified for reliable operation in even the harshest maritime environments.

In addition to our off-the shelf systems and custom manned-unmanned conversion services, we also offer extensive training and can even operate your unmanned rotorcraft for you.

Black Eagle 50 – Small Tactical Rotary UAV

Autonomous unmanned helicopter for ISR & emergency response

Unmanned VTOL helicopter

The Black Eagle 50 is an advanced unmanned helicopter designed to provide situational awareness and ISTAR (intelligence, surveillance, target acquisition and reconnaissance) capability in both the land and maritime domains.

The two-person portable, rapidly deployable system features fully autonomous VTOL and flight operation, and is powered by a proprietary flight computer certified to ADS-33 standards. The unmanned helicopter can operate in a number of flight modes, including highly stable hovering for ultra-clear image acquisition, and can also automatically return home in the event of communications loss.

The Black Eagle can be fitted with a variety of EO/IR camera payloads for day/night operations, including the STAMP families of stabilized cameras from CONTROP. Additional payloads include:

  • Small tactical unmanned helicopterCOMINT (communications intelligence) for interception of foreign communications
  • SIGINT/ELINT (signals/electronic intelligence) for exploitation of signals from radars and weapons systems
  • AIS (automatic identification system) for tracking of maritime vessels
  • SAR & MPR (synthetic aperture radar & maritime patrol radar) for reconnaissance and targeting information

Flexible options for analogue and digital data links are also available, including communications systems from leading manufacturers such as Spectralink and Commtact.

The Black Eagle’s Ground Control Station (GCS), based around a PC in a rugged enclosure, provides an intuitive point-and-click interface with 2D and 3D maps. Operators can create and alter autonomous mission flight plans in real time, as well as directly control the aircraft and its payload directly via a joystick. A built-in map calibration feature allows aerial photographs to be turned into exact maps for mission planning and operation.

Unmanned VTOL helicopter for Commercial Applications


Total Length 2540 mm
Main Rotor Diameter 2160 mm
Maximum Takeoff Weight 35 kg
Payload Capacity 5 kg
Endurance 4 hrs (flight)
3 hrs (hover)
Maximum Speed 70 knots (126 km/h)
Cruising Speed 45 knots (81 km/h)
Service Ceiling 10,000 ft

Black Eagle 25E & 50E – Electric VTOL UAV

Electric motor drones for naval, maritime and coastal missions