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Long-Endurance Fixed-Wing & Hybrid VTOL UAVs | UAV Payload Camera Systems | Power Systems
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Edge Autonomy is a leading developer of state-of-the-art unmanned and autonomous aircraft solutions, including long endurance fixed-wing UAV (unmanned aerial vehicle) airframes, advanced gimbal payloads, and continuous power systems.

With over 34 years of experience, we provide our cutting-edge technology to a wide range of civilian and military clients, including the United States Department of Defense and federal agencies, allied governments, academic and research institutions, and commercial entities.

Fixed-Wing UAS

Long endurance fixed-wing UAVs for civil and defense applications

unmanned and autonomous aircraft solutions

Our non-ITAR autonomous UAS (unmanned aerial systems) are highly modular and can be easily adapted to a range of military, civilian and commercial requirements.

Equipped with state-of-the-art EO/IR gimbals, the versatile long-endurance fixed-wing UAVs are ideal for a wide variety of applications, including ISR (intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance), search and rescue, border patrol, and inspection and monitoring.



  • Group 2 / NATO Class I proven VTOL ISR platform
  • 8+ hours flight endurance
  • 160 km range

Penguin-C long range unmanned aircraft

Penguin C MK 2

  • Group 2 / Group 3 / NATO Class I catapult-launched fixed-wing UAS
  • 20+ hours flight endurance
  • 180 km range

Penguin-C VTOL fixed wing drone

Penguin C MK 2.5 VTOL

  • Group 3 / NATO Class I hybrid VTOL fixed-wing drone
  • 12+ hours flight endurance
  • 180 km range

Specification Comparison

VXE30 VTOL Penguin C Mk 2 Penguin C Mk 2.5 VTOL
Wingspan 4.9m (16 ft) 3.9m (12.8 ft) 4.12m (13.5 ft)
MTOW 20 kg (44 lbs) 25 kg (55 lbs) 41 kg (90.39 lbs)
Flight Ceiling 4572m (15000 ft) 5000m (16400 ft) 5000m (16400 ft)
Flight Endurance 8+ hrs 20+ hrs 12+ hrs
Comms Range Up to 160 km Up to 180 km Up to 180 km
Speed 30+ kts cruise
50+ kts max
40+ kts cruise
60+ kts max
45+ kts cruise
65+ kts max

More information: Fixed-Wing UAS >

Unmanned Aircraft & Airframe Solutions

Penguin B Semi-Integrated Airframe

Highly configurable fixed-wing UAV with wide range of options

modular UAS

Penguin B

  • Highly configurable fixed-wing airframe with different configurable take-off options
  • Up to 20+ hours of endurance with fuel injected engine

Octopus ISR Systems

Octopus ISR Systems’ advanced small size payload cameras

Unmatched in capabilities in the smallest possible size and weight

Electro Optical payloads for UAVOur Octopus ISR Systems division develops advanced optronic surveillance payloads for UAVs and unmanned systems. The non-ITAR UAV camera gimbals are engineered with a low SWaP (size, weight and power) profile and are fully ruggedized to withstand the rigors of the harshest operating environments.

Octopus ISR Systems offers exceptional target detection capabilities with up to 30x optical zoom at Full HD quality, and up to 90x optical zoom at SD quality for even closer views.

All our EO/IR gimbals feature built-in high-performance video processing, enabling a range of useful features including target tracking, video stabilization, roll correction, and digital zoom.

UAV camera gimbalE95

1080p FHD at 30FPS

2x electro-optical CMOS sensors

2x thermal LWIR sensors

⌀ 95 mm x 134, mm (3.80 in x 5.30 in)

560 g / 1.25 lb

UAV EO IR gimbal payload for UAVsE140LC

720p HD at 30FPS

1x electro-optical CMOS sensor

1x thermal LWIR sensor

⌀ 140 mm x 195 mm (5.51 in x 7.70 in)

1.27 kg / 2.80 lb

stabilized gimbal payloadE140Z G2

1080p FHD at 30FPS

1x electro-optical CMOS sensor

1x thermal LWIR sensor

⌀ 140 mm x 189 mm (5.51 in x 7.44 in)

1.40 kg / 3.08 lb

UAS EO payloadE175

720p HD at 30FPS

1x electro-optical CMOS sensor

1x thermal MWIR sensor

⌀ 175 mm x 220 mm (6.88 in x 8.66 in)

2.60 kg / 5.73 lb

EO payloadE180 / E180MG

2160p 4K at 30FPS

1x electro-optical CMOS sensor

1x thermal MWIR sensor

⌀ 180 mm x 227 mm (7.10 in x 8.90 in)

180MG: 3.25kg / 7.16lb or 180: 3.75kg / 8.10lb

Specification Comparison

E95 E140LC E140Z G2 E175 E180MG
EO 1920×1080p 1280×720p 1920×1080p 1280×720p 3840×2160p
hFOV for EO 59.9° – 7.1° 62.9° – 2.2° 63.7° – 2.3° 62.9° – 2.2° 56.6° – 2.2°
vFOV for EO 36.6° – 4.0° 37.9° – 1.3° 37.9° – 1.3° 37.9° – 1.3° 34.0° – 2.0°
Max EO Optical Zoom 20x (1080p)
45x (480p)
30x (720p)
45x (480p)
30x (1080p)
67x (480p)
30x (720p)
45x (480p)
20x (2160p)
90x (480p)
4x Digital Zoom for EO [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
IR LWIR 640x512p LWIR 640x512p LWIR 640x512p MWIR 640x512p MWIR 640x512p
hFOV for IR 12.5° or 31.8° 25° 43.3° – 8.2° 26.8° – 2.0° 30.9° – 6.7°
vFOV for IR 26° or 9.9° 18.9° 26.3° – 2.0° 21.5° – 1.6° 21.7° – 1.6°
IR Optical Zoom 5x 15x 15x
Thermal Imager Digital Zoom 4x 4x 4x 4x
Moving Target Indicator [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
Automatic Object Tracking [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]
Laser Rangefinder [tick] [tick]
Laser Pointer [tick] [tick] [tick] [tick]

Power Systems

Discover the Power of Edge Autonomy’s Unique Rugged Power Solutions – Built to Last!

When it comes to powering critical systems, you need a solution you can count on – and that’s exactly what Edge Autonomy’s rugged power solutions provide.

Unlike other fuel cells on the market, our proprietary microtubular design offers built-in redundancy, ensuring that your system will continue to produce the power you need, no matter what challenges you face. Discover the reliability and durability of Edge Autonomy’s innovative power solutions today.

continuous power systems

uav power systems

More information: Power Systems >

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