PPP-RTK GNSS Augmentation, Correction and Receiver Technology for Sub-Decimeter Position Accuracy

PPP-RTK GNSS Augmentation, Correction and Receiver Technology for Sub-Decimeter Position Accuracy
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u-blox is a leading global provider of positioning and wireless communication technologies for machinery automation, mobile robotics, and autonomous vehicles.

Our smart solutions enable OEMs and systems integrators to develop innovative and reliable IoT products that can be wirelessly connected and located from anywhere.


High-accuracy PPP-RTK GNSS augmentation for machinery automation, mobile robotics, and autonomous vehicles

PointPerfect is a PPP-RTK (Precise Point Positioning – Real-Time Kinematic) augmentation service designed to empower mass-market service robots and autonomous vehicles with centimeter-level positioning while reducing development time.

PPP-RTK GNSS augmentation software

Delivering accuracy of 3 to 6 centimeters with convergence within seconds, PointPerfect provides 99.9% uptime and is available via mobile Internet as well as L-band satellite communications. The service is ideal for mission-critical applications, and boasts uniform coverage in Europe, the contiguous United States and South Korea, as well as regions of Canada and Australia, including up to 12 nautical miles (approximately 22 kilometers) off the coast.

Video: How PointPerfect Works

Cloud-based GNSS corrections services for easy scalability

PointPerfect is delivered via the enterprise-grade Thingstream cloud platform, providing an intuitive experience with powerful features including fleet management, event monitoring and a comprehensive API.

Thingstream also utilizes auto-scaling technology, supporting billions of messages and making it easy to deploy large fleets of UAVs and robotic vehicles.

The service utilizes the industry-driven SPARTN open data format, allowing it to be platform-agnostic and enabling compatibility with a wide range of devices. Messages are sent using the lightweight, scalable, and easy-to-integrate MQTT protocol, conserving bandwidth and driving down data costs.

We offer PointPerfect as a traditional subscription services as well as via flexible pay-as-you-go service plans that allow you to scale up as your business and products grow.

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F9 GNSS Receiver

Multi-band GNSS receiver with native PointPerfect support

The F9 is a multi-band GNSS receiver that concurrently utilizes signals from the GPS, GLONASS, Galileo, BeiDou, and NavIC constellations. Featuring a compact and lightweight surface-mount form factor, the receiver is pre-integrated with the PointPerfect augmentation service, providing an all-in-one centimeter-level positioning solution with simplified integration.

multi-band GNSS receiver module
High-precision multi-band GNSS receiver module
High-precision GNSS module
High-precision GNSS dead reckoning module
dead reckoning positioning module
L-band GNSS corrections module
L-band GNSS corrections module for F9 receivers

With its high update rate and low power consumption, the F9 receiver is ideal for highly dynamic UAV and autonomous vehicle applications. Secure interfaces and advanced jamming and spoofing detection provide robust protection of all positioning and navigation information.

The F9 receiver is designed to suit high-volume mass-market unmanned vehicles and robotics designs, and is available in a number of variants, including dead reckoning and IMU-enhanced modules.

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