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Growing Autonomous Mowing Through High Precision GNSS Solutions

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Growing the Business of Autonomous Mowing Through High Precision GNSS Solutions
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u-blox discusses how Greenzie leverages the company’s high precision GNSS solutions to transform a fleet of commercial mowers into autonomous machines and to solve the ongoing labor challenges of the landscaping industry. 

In commercial landscaping, finding and keeping good workers is an ongoing challenge. Finding innovative ways to overcome labor challenges has opened the door for autonomous robot mowing solutions. Regardless of who mows the lawn, be it a human or a robot, customers still expect a high-quality job.

Greenzie relies on u-blox’s high precision GNSS modules and augmentation service in combination with their software and off-the-shelf sensors to add self-driving to commercial mowers. Bringing innovative answers to the labor difficulties of the landscaping industry, while transforming today’s manually operated commercial mowers into tomorrow’s autonomous robotic mowers.  

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u-blox explores:

  • Challenges
  • Solutions
  • Outcomes

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