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NTRIP GNSS Corrections Now Available via PointPerfect

u-blox detail the benefits of switching F9 GNSS modules to PointPerfect, which now includes NTRIP service delivery for streaming corrections data Feature Article by u-blox
GNSS Messaging Protocol Now Integrated with PointPerfect
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PointPerfect, u-blox’s PPP-RTK (Precise Point Positioning – Real-Time Kinematic) augmentation service designed to provide service robots and autonomous vehicles with centimeter-level positioning, now includes NTRIP service delivery.

In a new article, u-blox outlines how F9 high precision GNSS modules which require NTRIP service delivery can now seamlessly switch to PointPerfect, benefitting from superior coverage and reliable performance at a lower cost.

The article ‘PointPerfect adds NTRIP service delivery’ covers:

  • Choosing an NTRIP service
  • Challenges to consider
  • PointPerfect adds NTRIP delivery
  • Why PointPerfect and NTRIP?
  • Benefits

PointPerfect provides uniform coverage on a continental scale, u-blox state. Using the USA and Canada as an example, u-blox say that this means a single uniform GNSS correction data stream for the entire continental region, from coast to coast, and 12 nautical miles offshore, at 99.9% uptime availability.

The F9, a multi-band GNSS receiver featuring compact and lightweight surface-mount form factor, is pre-integrated with the PointPerfect augmentation service, providing an all-in-one centimeter-level positioning solution with simplified integration.

Advantages of using the F9 high precision GNSS module and the u-blox PointPerfect GNSS correction service:

Easy, Flexible, Seamless – get started right away

  • NEW – PointPerfect GNSS corrections are now delivered via NTRIP protocol
  • Ready to use because PointPerfect is natively supported by u-blox F9
  • Get started in seconds without the need for integration expertise
  • Zero touch provisioning makes it easy to configure devices at scale

Cost Effective – flexible service plans can be a game changer for businesses

  • Say goodbye to the high annual service fees of typical RTK suppliers
  • Say hello to pay-as-you-go, subscription or hourly-based plans, by-device or pooled plans
  • Options designed to be affordable and save users money

Superior Coverage – wide and uniform coverage on a continental scale

  • Enjoy the simplicity of one supplier and one data stream across vast geographies
  • Eliminate the headaches of switching suppliers and resetting data based on location
  • Reduce complexity with seamless coverage over entire continents, countries, and regions

Reliable Performance – u-blox industry leading precise positioning solutions

  • Proven multi-band RTK GNSS receivers
  • Concurrent reception with all major satellite constellations
  • Small and power-efficient module
  • 3-6 cm accuracy and convergence in seconds
  • 99.9% uptime available

PointPerfect is offered as a traditional subscription services as well as via flexible pay-as-you-go service plans that allow you to scale up as your business and products grow.

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Read the full article here.

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