PPP-RTK GNSS Augmentation, Correction and Receiver Technology for Sub-Decimeter Position Accuracy

Precision Positioning for Autonomous Robots

u-blox has developed a step-by-step guide on implementing precision positioning solutions, taking you through every step of the process Feature Article u-blox
Precision Positioning for Autonomous Service Robots
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Precision positioning solutions have a reputation of being challenging to implement. This step-by-step implementation guide from u-blox makes it efficient and easy, taking you through every step of the process. 

In a recent blog, u-blox presented the OpenMower platform as a quick and easy way to test the performance of high precision positioning using the ZED-F9R module. But what if you want to create a centimeter-level positioning solution that meets application-specific design constraints from scratch? Getting the GNSS receiver, the correction service receiver, the correction service, and the inertial sensing unit set up right can feel intimidating at first, even for companies with experience developing standard GNSS solutions.

u-blox’s getting started guide walks you through every step of the process. Find out more > >

u-blox discusses:

  • Setting up the solution for optimal precise positioning performance
  • Testing GNSS signal reception
  • Setting up the correction data feed

Read the full article or visit the u-blox website to find out more.

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