PPP-RTK GNSS Augmentation, Correction and Receiver Technology for Sub-Decimeter Position Accuracy

u-blox Captures the Reality of the Underground

Geophysical location tech has been combined with u-blox’s PointPerfect GNSS, not only locating underground objects but it also digitizing scanned features and linework on a 3D map Feature Article by u-blox
u-blox Captures the Reality of the Underground
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Screening Eagle has combined ground-penetrating radar with u-blox’s PointPerfect GNSS augmentation service in order to map the subsurface.

This is done in a remarkably easy-to-use way, resulting in a detailed and useful live 3D map of the underground. Read more >>

What do you think of when you hear the term paradigm shift? What drives us to make fundamental changes in how we see the world, do things, or in what we believe? u-blox takes an in-depth journey through its disruptive emerging technologies in the field of subsurface mapping.

  • What Drives Radical Change?
  • The Pain Points of Subsurface Mapping
  • Spur Innovations using High-Precision GNSS Solutions
  • Frictionless for Business
  • Reduced Transmission Costs with the SPARTN Data Format
  • Highly Efficient Message Delivery via MQTT
  • Pain Points Solved

The Result: a Paradigm Shift in the Industry

By combining advanced geophysical subsurface location methods with a value-driven GNSS augmentation service, customers like Screening Eagle are changing subsurface mapping.

In a radically easy-to-use way, now it is possible to produce a meaningful 3D map of the underground in real time. For that, survey-grade geopositioning like u-blox’s is paramount.

Read the full article or visit the u-blox website to find out more. 

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