PPP-RTK GNSS Augmentation, Correction and Receiver Technology for Sub-Decimeter Position Accuracy

Network RTK vs PPP-RTK

Through a series of static and kinematic tests, u-blox explores the differences between RTK, PPP, and PPP-RTK approaches Feature Article by u-blox
Network RTK vs PPP-RTK
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u-blox explores how Australian automation and positioning technology provider Aptella conducted comprehensive tests and comparisons of correction services in Melbourne, offering insights into their capabilities and real-world performance. 

Through a series of static and kinematic tests, u-blox looks at the differences between Real Time Kinematic (RTK), Precise Point Positioning (PPP), and PPP-RTK approaches, providing insights into their performance under various conditions.

The article covers:

  • Network RTK, precise point positioning GNSS, and PPP-RTK
  • Survey-grade GNSS receiver versus mass-market smart antenna
  • Static results
  • Kinematic results

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The five static and dynamic tests conducted by Aptella were instrumental in assessing the effectiveness of different setups to determine the position of stationary and moving entities.

From the static test, Aptella concluded that PPP-RTK, coupled with the Calian smart antenna, provides centimeter-level horizontal accuracy and performs similarly to RTK. However, this was not the case for vertical accuracy, with PPP-RTK at the decimeter level.

Regarding the kinematic tests, Aptella obtained significant results, particularly when the environment impeded communication with GNSS. Even without IMU or dead reckoning, the PPP-RTK performed well with lane-level tracking. With short outages such as railway bridges and underpasses, PPP-RTK maintained an acceptable trajectory, while RTK required a long time to reconverge after emerging from these challenging conditions.

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Overall, Aptella demonstrated that the PPP-RTK and GNSS smart antenna combination delivers results suitable for mass-market applications requiring centimeter-level horizontal accuracy.

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