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Rugged Armored Quadcopter Drones for Military Surveillance & Recon

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Newcastle Manufacturing
Rugged Armored Quadcopter Drones for Military Surveillance & Recon
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Newcastle Manufacturing is a leading developer of small, rugged drones/UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) for mission-critical military and law enforcement applications.

Our innovative tough drone platforms are designed and assembled in the USA, with all structural components machined in-house at our facilities in Texas.

Quadcopter military surveillance drone

The Widow Drone – Rugged Armored Quadcopter

Small, tough drone for military and law enforcement missions

Armored Drone

Modular Drone Design

The Widow Drone is a highly versatile platform designed to serve a wide variety of tactical defense and first responder use cases. Its modular design allows it to be equipped with a range of off-the-shelf and custom payloads and sensors in a variety of attachment positions.

Fast Quadcopter military mission droneRapid connection of equipment allows users to adapt quickly as the needs of the mission change, enabling quick response and maintaining control of the situation. The Widow can be configured for both ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and package delivery, and can carry out both roles in the same mission.

Newcastle Manufacturing can custom-integrate the drone with almost any payload or accessory within its lift capacity to suit your unique requirements, providing virtually unlimited possibilities.

Durable drone construction for battlefield survivability

The Widow is a tough mission drone engineered to withstand the rigors of the battlefield. Designed with IP64 ingress protection, it features field-replaceable arms and accessory mounts, allowing it to be easily kept serviceable under demanding in-theater conditions.

Modular Drone

bulletproof drone

The armored drone has been tested and proven under the harshest real-world conditions. It can withstand the effects of 12-gauge shotgun fire at 20-25 yards, and can survive smaller gauges at closer ranges.  It can even be run over by an ATV and keep on flying.

Armored Fast Quadcopter

The ultra-fast quadcopter platform is highly maneuverable. Watch the video below to see it outrun a Dodge Viper:


surveillance drone military

Military Surveillance & Reconnaissance Missions
The Widow quadcopter can be equipped with a wide range of sensors and payloads for military intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance (ISR), including EO and IR cameras for day- and night-time operations, as well as SIGINT (signals intelligence) and EW (electronic warfare) systems. With the ability to get on target and return home again even under small arms fire, it is ideal for gathering critical situational awareness for superior decision-making.

military reconnaissance drone

Logistics & Resupply
With rapid deployment and a 3.6lb payload capacity, the highly maneuverable Widow is ideal for tactical resupply and delivery to front-line and special forces, and can also be used to carry essential supplies during search and rescue missions.

First Responders
The Widow can be used as a crucial eye-in-the-sky capability for law enforcement and first responders, and is highly suited to tracking suspects, finding victims, recording crime scenes, and more.

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Newcastle Manufacturing United States of America Mineral Wells, TX 76067 +1 940-521-1794
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