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High-Resolution & Long-Range LiDAR for Airborne Surveys & 3D Mapping

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Phoenix LiDAR
High-Resolution & Long-Range LiDAR for Airborne Surveys & 3D Mapping
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Phoenix LiDAR is a leading developer of survey-grade aerial LiDAR systems for UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and unmanned systems.

airborne lidar system

Our versatile laser scanning solutions can be mounted on a wide range of platforms, including fixed-wing and multirotor drones, USVs (unmanned surface vessels) and land-based mobile mapping vehicles.

Our Technology

Our airborne LiDAR solutions take advantage of state-of-the-art laser mapping technology that allows users to acquire high-resolution survey-grade data in real time, covering large areas faster and with more consistency than traditional terrestrial or mobile mapping methods.

airborne laser scanner

All our products are integrated to meet your individual requirements for accuracy, environment, budget and overall capability.

We offer imaging options for hi-res photo, thermal, hyperspectral sensing and more, as well as optional GNSS reference stations, a laptop-based ground control station (GCS), and other accessories.

Every LiDAR system is thoroughly and expertly tested to ensure that it is properly calibrated and ready to fly out of the box.

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LiDAR Systems Hierarchy

long range lidarScout M2X
Long-range LiDAR scanner for challenging applications, higher altitudes and speeds

• 2-4cm RMSE Accuracy @ 100M Range
• 640k Points per Second Scan Rate
• 1.8kg Weight

RECON-XT airborne lidarRecon XT
Entry-level mapping LiDAR for DJI Matrice 300 UAV

• 2-5cm Accuracy @ 80m Flight Altitude AGL
• 1280k Points per Second Scan Rate
• 1.8kg Weight

miniRANGER-3 LITE LiDAR systemsminiRanger-3 Lite
High-density UAV LiDAR system with 300 kHz repetition rate

• 20-30mm RMSE Accuracy @ 75M Range
• 300k Shots per Second Scan Rate
• 2.2kg Weight

RANGER XL Airborne laser scannerRanger XL
Lightweight airborne laser scanner for high point density corridor mapping

• 25-50mm RMSE Accuracy @ 350M Range
• 1800k Shots per Second Scan Rate
• 5.0kg Weight

RANGER-LR LITE Vehicle LidarRanger-LR Lite
High-density long-range LiDAR for UAVs and mobile mapping vehicles

• 25-35mm RMSE Accuracy @ 150M Range
• 750k Points per Second Scan Rate
• 3.9kg Weight

RANGER ULTRA Long range lidarRanger-Ultra
High-density corridor mapping LiDAR with forward and backward FOV

• 25-50mm RMSE Accuracy @ 350M Range
• 1800k Shots per Second Scan Rate
• 3.5kg Weight

HydroRANGER - bathymetric LiDAR scanning systemHydroRANGER
Airborne topo-bathymetric LiDAR scanning system for unmanned helicopters

• Centimetre-level Accuracy down to 2 Secchi Depths
• 200k Shots per Second Scan Rate
• 21 kg Weight

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LiDARMill Post-Processing Software

We also offer a cloud-based LiDAR post-processing software platform that automates your post-processing workflow, allowing you to save time and focus on your business goals and growth.

LiDAR post-processing software

LiDARMill LiDAR post processing Workflow

LiDARMill provides an intuitive dashboard that allows you to view data, track project status, and invite clients to inspect point clouds. The versatile software can be scaled to the needs of any size organization, from small survey teams to large government departments.

lidar aerial survey

MissionGuidance Data Acquisition Improvement Software

MissionGuidanceMissionGuidance Data Acquisition Improvement Software provides real-time guidance for manned LiDAR data acquisition operators that improves accuracy and closes the gap in data quality between manned aircraft and UAVs, reducing gaps and repeated flights.

The software visualises pre-defined flight plans to the pilot relative to the aircraft’s current position, allowing real-time adjustments to be made and ensuring all data collection passes are made within tolerance.

FlightPlanner Software

FlightPlannerUAV Flight Planner software is a free web-based service offered to all our clients that allows UAV LiDAR operators to precisely plan missions and experiment with different parameters before flying.

The intuitive interface allows users to select areas of interest, input a variety of flight parameters such as altitude and velocity and see how they will affect the mission, and export a KMZ file directly to the drone.

Learn more: FlightPlanner Software

SpatialExplorer 7 Software Suite

SpatialExplorer 7 Software SuiteSpatialExplorer is a comprehensive software suite that provides everything required to collect and process LiDAR data, streamlining acquisition, geo-referencing, data fusion and exporting.

Capabilities include:

  • Sensor configuration and custom profile creation to ensure repeatability
  • Real-time point cloud and detailed navigation feedback for instantaneous data quality control in the field
  • Cloud and local GNSS/INS trajectory post-processing options
  • Trajectory optimization and boresight computation for accurate point cloud calibration
  • Fully automated project and processing reports

High-Resolution LiDAR Applications

Our integrated LiDAR solutions are ideal for a wide range of drone-based LiDAR aerial survey and mapping applications:

infrastructure lidar surveying


Map structures and cables and monitor vegetation, fusing RGB imagery and high density point data to create high-accuracy models

lidar forestry survey


Efficiently survey large forested areas in a fraction of the time, without the need to send teams into dense vegetation

lidar mapping open pit mines

Open Pit Mining

Create detailed maps of mining sites with combined ground and aerial scans, and generate accurate elevation data

Lidar survery of Dam

Disaster Management

Assess damage to critical infrastructure and communities after floods, earthquakes and other disasters

lidar scanning land erosion

Land Erosion

Discover erosion and other potential threats around buildings, supporting structures and pathways before problems develop

lidar 3d mapping

Development Planning

Use high-density laser measurements to gather accurate and reliable data on development sites

lidar agriculture survey

Precision Agriculture

Survey and monitor crops, terrain and natural resources to provide actionable data and utilise agricultural land efficiently

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