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Heavy Lifting Coaxial Helicopter Drones for Cargo, Logistics, Forestry & Firefighting

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Heavy Lifting Coaxial Helicopter Drones for Cargo, Logistics, Forestry & Firefighting
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Phenix Solutions is a leading developer of mission-critical unmanned aerial systems (UAS), specializing in heavy-lift drone platforms, building and integrating certified systems, and flight training. Our unmanned aircraft are designed, engineered and assembled in the USA, and all components meet strict FAA certification conformity and quality standards.

Our expert team, made up of highly experienced aviation professionals with a diverse range of backgrounds, is committed to empowering government and commercial clients alike with the means to maximize the effectiveness of their operations and to protect lives and property.

Ultra 2XL – Heavy-Lifting Drone

Multi-mission heavy-payload UAS with coaxial rotors

Heavy lifting drone

The Ultra 2XL is a state-of-the-art heavy-lift UAS, featuring a unique and highly stable coaxial rotor design, making it ideal for large cargo payloads.

Driven by the certified and proven Rolls-Royce RR300 turbine engine, the powerful unmanned helicopter boasts a payload capacity of 1500 lbs and a range of up to 300 nautical miles.

Heavy lifting drone

The system has been designed with TRL (Technology Readiness Level) 9 avionics as well as an advanced communications system for BVLOS (beyond visual line of sight) operations.

The coaxial rotor system provides a significant increase in stability and power-to-weight ratio compared to traditional designs. It also removes the need for a tail rotor, reducing the overall footprint and allowing two aircraft to be easily stored and transported in a 20ft container.

Heavy Cargo DroneThe multi-mission aircraft incorporates a quick-attachment system that enables it to be equipped with a wide variety of custom and off-the-shelf payloads and equipment, allowing it to undertake a range of missions, such as logistics, firefighting and forestry management.

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Half-Pint – Heavy Duty Drone

Versatile heavy-payload UAS with turbojet gas-driven propulsion

The Half-Pint is the smaller entry in our family of heavy-lift unmanned helicopters, providing a 410-lb carrying capacity and a flight endurance of up to 90 minutes.

Heavy Payload UASThe innovative aircraft uses a proprietary propulsion design driven by ejection of gases from the turbojet engine.

The rugged helicopter UAV is easy to operate and thanks to a low number of moving parts, requires minimal maintenance. Like the Ultra 2XL, it can be outfitted with a range of sensors, payloads and equipment for true multi-mission performance.


Firefighting Drones

Firefighting, Search & Rescue, Law Enforcement
Featuring quick deployment and small footprints, our mission-critical UAS are ideal for serving the needs of first responders, including law enforcement, search and rescue teams, and firefighters.

Logistics Drone for Military Support

Military & Defense
Our rugged US-made UAV platforms are ideal for supporting a wide range of military missions, including ISR (intelligence, surveillance and reconnaissance) and battlefield resupply.

Heavy Cargo Drones

Cargo Delivery & Logistics
With impressive payload capacities, our heavy-lift unmanned helicopters are used for a variety of demanding delivery and logistics use cases by both civilian and military clients.

Remotely Piloted Aircraft for Aerial Imaging

Mapping, Surveying and Inspection
If you need a state-of-the-art imaging platform that can cover great distances and areas in a single flight, Phenix helicopter UAVs fit the bill, and are ideal for photogrammetry, LiDAR scanning, industrial inspection, traffic monitoring, and much more.

Forestry Drones

Precision Agriculture & Forestry
Phenix helicopter drones can be equipped with all the essential equipment required by agriculture and forestry professionals, including multispectral sensor suites, sprayers, and seed dispersal systems.

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