Thermal Imaging Cores & Cameras for UAVs, UGVs


OBSETECH is an international supplier of advanced observation components, systems and special equipment for aerospace & defense, security and power engineering.

OBSETECH UAV Thermal Camera Cores

We design, manufacture and supply advanced observation products and surveillance solutions, such as thermal imaging cores, athermal and motorized zoom lenses, long-range surveillance cameras, hyperspectral cameras, explosion proof cameras, various types of sensors, laser range finders, LiDARs, radars and other special equipment.

Working with our reputable local partners and system integrators, we supply to police and other Law enforcement agencies, as well as to military forces across the globe. We are honored to contribute to their mission by supplying our customized products, from affordable thermal imaging cores to complete security surveillance systems which are used in both unmanned (UAVs, UGVs) and manned vehicles.

Our thermal imaging cores and cameras are also purchased by public and private industry, including a number of UAV manufacturers.

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