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Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Camera Modules for Drones, UAV & Robotics

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Sierra-Olympia Technologies
Infrared (IR) Thermal Imaging Camera Modules for Drones, UAV & Robotics
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Sierra-Olympia is a leading developer of infrared thermal imaging camera modules for drones, UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles), and unmanned systems.

Our high definition thermal cameras are engineered with SWaP (size, weight and power) efficiency foremost in mind, and can be seamlessly integrated into a wide variety of platforms, allowing them to see in complete darkness or through smoke, fog and haze.

infrared camera for drone

Our infrared cameras for drones and robotics feature advanced onboard stabilizing software for the utmost in image clarity, as well as a range of powerful built-in video processing functions including scene tracking, target and vehicle tracking, and moving target indication.

LWIR Thermal Cameras

Long-wave infrared cameras for drones, UAV & robotics

Our LWIR (long-wave infrared) imaging solutions cover a wide spectrum of imaging application requirements, and include the world’s first full HD 1920 X 1200 uncooled microbolometer array through to ultra-miniature infrared cameras for small UAVs.

VayuHD Drone Thermal Imaging CameraVayu HD
Highest-resolution uncooled LWIR camera available
25, 50 or 87 mm lens options

Tamarisk IR CameraTamarisk
640×480 or 320×240
17 micron pixel pitch

UAV IR CameraTenum 640
Smallest pixel pitch LWIR core available
10 micron pixel pitch

VGA LWIR camera coreViento 10
USB or Gigabit Ethernet connectivity
10 micron pixel pitch

LWIR thermal imager with continuous zoomVinden LRB
Continuous zoom 75 or 300 mm lens
12 micron pixel pitch

Uncooled LWIR cameraVinden Core Series
Multiple continuous zoom lens options
17 micron pixel pitch

Thermal Camera for UAVViento 1280
12.8, 25 or 35mm lens
10 micron pixel pitch

MWIR Thermal Cameras

Mid-wave infrared camera modules for unmanned applications

Our MWIR (mid-wave infrared) cameras are ideal for applications where sensitivity, quality and clarity are of the essence. We specialize in HD cooled MWIR cores that are suitable for a variety of use cases, including long-range security and aerial surveillance, as well as optical gas imaging.

drone camera moduleVentus OGI
State-of-the-art optical gas imaging camera
15 micron pixel pitch

UAV Thermal Imaging cameraVentus Hot
Continuous zoom 300, 690 or 900mm lens
15 micron pixel pitch

cooled MWIR cameraVentus Compact
Low-SWaP for UAS
15 micron pixel pitch

long-range MWIR thermal imaging camerasVista
Rugged IP67 housing
640×512 or 1280×1024
300, 550, 785, or HD 785mm lens

aerial camera droneHexaBlu
High operating temperature Mercury Cadmium Telluride array
6 micron pixel pitch

SWIR Thermal Cameras

Short-wave infrared camera modules for drones

We provide SWIR (short-wave infrared) camera cores for specialized imaging applications requiring detection of reflected radiation, including counter-UAS, mapping and precision agriculture.

HD SWIR cameraSenS 1280
High sensitivity and low noise
10 micron pixel pitch

VGA SWIR camera coreWiDySenS
Linear and logarithmic response modes
15 micron pixel pitch


UAV thermal imaging cameras

UAVs & Drones
Our ultra-lightweight UAV thermal imaging camera modules allow you to get more work done in fewer flights. The ITAR-free cameras can be fitted to fixed-wing and multirotor drone platforms, and provide long-range detection, identification and classification for critical situational awareness.

infrared cameras for mobile ground vehicles

UGVs & Mobile Ground Vehicles
Our IR camera cores are ideal for integration into both military and civilian UGVs (unmanned ground vehicles) and ground robotics, and can be easily attached to enclosures, pan-tilt positioners, and other structures.

Drone Surveillance Cameras

Security & Surveillance
Our MWIR and LWIR thermal imaging solutions enable the detection, recognizing and identification of potential threats with unprecedented levels of accuracy, providing protection for critical facilities and infrastructure such as ports, power stations, industrial sites, and military installations.

Optical Gas Imaging

Optical Gas Imaging
We develop specialized thermal imaging cameras for optical gas imaging that can be fitted to UAVs and unmanned systems, providing a robust method of hazardous leak detection that saves time and money while keeping workers safe. Detectable gases include ethane, methane, propane, butane, octane and more.

Turnkey thermal imaging solutions

Turnkey Solutions
In addition to HD drone camera modules for OEMs, we also provide turnkey thermal imaging solutions that can be customized for your specific application requirements. Seamless out-of-the-box connectivity can be provided via USB, Camera Link, SDI or Ethernet.

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