Automated Imaging Systems: Multispectral & EO/IR Sensor Payloads for Airborne ISR & SAR
PT-6 Low-SWaP ISR payload with RGB & LWIR cameras

Low-SWaP ISR payload with RGB & LWIR cameras

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The PT-6 is an airborne imaging payload that features the lowest SWaP footprint in the PT series, making it ideal for integration into UAS platforms. Operating on a roll-axis, it is designed to carry out wide-area search and ISR missions.

The system includes built-in AI and machine learning software that can automatically scan for small objects in vast search areas, reducing operator burden and fatigue. It can be equipped with additional AI processing modules for specific tasks such as boat finding, surface anomaly detection and whale detection.

Size: 90x 60 cm
Weight: 2.5 kg
Avg. Power: 30w
Cameras: RGB, LWIR