Drone Motors: Electric, Heavy-Lift Motors for Quadcopters & Multirotor Drones

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Counter-Rotating Drone Motors

CR Flight are the developers of a revolutionary and innovative technology that uses counter-rotating motors to provide greater efficiency, thrust and longevity for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), multirotor and horizontal-flight UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles) and drones.

Our expert team benefits from decades of engineering and business experience, and we have partnered with established industry leaders to develop new high-quality fixed-wing, multirotor and quadcopter drone motors for a wide variety of consumer and commercial UAV applications.

Counter-Rotating Electric Drone Motors

Drone motors providing greater thrust and efficiency

Our unique drone motor technology utilises a patented counter-rotating mechanism with a slip ring that harnesses the energy from both the active and reactive force of a spinning motor. Usually absorbed by a non-moving stator and the body of the drone, the reactive counter-force can now be used to drive a counter-rotating propeller from the same motor.

This additional force results in up to 50% more energy efficiency than other motors on the market depending on configuration and size of motor.

Rotory drone motor

Benefits of our Innovative Drone Motor Technology

  • A single counter-rotating motor provides a significant increase in thrust and reduced complexity, compared to dual-motor designs
  • Greater efficiency allows drones to expend up to 20-50% less energy to achieve the same thrust, thus extending the capabilities of drone Li-Po batteries beyond the typical 15-20 minute operations
  • Up to 49% cooler running leads to more efficient operation with less wasted heat, and less wear and longer service life for motor components
  • Drones can carry up to twice the payload capacity, without requiring extra propeller arms or motor power.
Heavy lift thrust drone motor
Efficient drone motors

The Spirit™ Line of CR Flight Drone Motors

US-made counter-rotating drone motors

Our Spirit™ CR electric drone motors will initially be available with thrust ratings for 10, 20, 50, and 100 lbs of lift, with more to be added. We can also develop custom configurations to suit specialised customer applications.

Drone motor designs with oppositely spinning armatures require unique electrical power configurations, and the Spirit™ CR motors feature special patent-pending high-RPM and high-current assemblies. Three different configurations have been designed that locate the power assembly above, below or within the motors.

Utilising the same footprint as standard single-propeller motors, Spirit™ CR motors have been designed as a plug-and-play solution for any UAV design. The motor mounts attach easily to any common drone airframe, without the need for bulky and more complex dual-motor setups.

Counter-Rotating Electric Drone Motors
Quadcopter Drone Motors


Our innovative drone motors are ideal for a range of commercial and industrial drone applications, such as:

  • Surveying and spraying for precision agriculture
  • Heavy-lift industrial drones
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Aerial photography and mapping
  • Infrastructure and utilities inspections such as roads, power lines, pipelines and railways.

Counter rotating motors increase drone flight time

Drone Motors: Electric, Heavy-Lift Motors for Quadcopters & Multirotor Drones
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