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Electric Propulsion Units (EPU) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems; Drone & UAV Propeller Propulsion

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Electric Propulsion Units (EPU) for Unmanned Aircraft Systems; Drone & UAV Propeller Propulsion
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CR Flight develop innovative counter-rotating propulsion systems to provide greater efficiency, thrust and longevity for vertical take-off and landing (VTOL), multirotor and horizontal-flight unmanned aircraft (UAVs and drones).

eVector Propulsion Technology by CR Flight

Electric propulsion for UAV and drone propellers

eVector, the patented contra-rotational technology developed by CR Flight, significantly enhances thrust efficiency and overall performance of propeller systems powered by an electric motor.

US-made counter-rotating drone motors

Benefits of our Innovative UAV Propulsion Technology

When compared to conventional electric motors, the Electric Propulsion Units (EPU) with eVector technology deliver:

  • 30 – 50% greater thrust efficiency
  • Up to 100% increased operating range
  • Quieter operation with lower noise
  • Zero emissions

Proven performance enhancements

This performance comparison chart shows how the operational thrust generated by the eVector EPU compares over a range of amps to a conventional electric motor. Notice how the eVector EPU performs for a longer continuous operation.

Efficient drone motors

eVector Electric Propulsion Units (EPU)

Longer flight times and heavier lift capacity for UAVs

With lift profiles ranging from 3 to 50 pounds (1.36 to 22.68 kg), the eVP-10, eVP-20, and eVP-50 Electric Propulsion Units are designed for new or retrofit design applications.

Counter rotating drone motorseVP-10

Designed for applications for up to 10 lbs of thrust

Lift profile  3 – 10 pounds 
Size  D 55.5 mm (2.19 in)
Weight  302 gm
Prop size  18.5 – 27 in

Counter-Rotating Electric Drone MotorseVP-20

Designed for applications for up to 20 lbs of thrust

Lift profile 5 – 20 pound
Size D 87 mm (3.43 in)
Weight 538 gm
Prop size  27 – 39 in

Heavy lift thrust drone motoreVP-50

Designed for applications for up to 50 lbs of thrust

Lift profile  10 – 50 pounds
Size D 100 mm (3.94 in)
Weight 1250 gm
Prop size  40 – 53 in

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Our innovative electric propulsion motors are ideal for a range of commercial and industrial drone applications, such as:

  • Surveying and spraying for precision agriculture
  • Heavy-lift industrial drones
  • Search and rescue operations
  • Aerial photography and mapping
  • Infrastructure and utilities inspections such as roads, power lines, pipelines and railways.
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